Fast Payout Sports Gambling Sites

The ease of getting paid is the most important factor we consider when ranking sports gambling sites. There are many things to look at in a betting site, but getting paid is the most important. If a site takes forever to process payouts, there is absolutely nothing else that site can do to redeem itself.

We’ve all seen online sportsbooks that give players the runaround when it comes time to get paid. Some sites have been known to concoct “rules violations” or suddenly change the rules for cashing out. It shouldn’t be like that. Any betting site that is even halfway reputable should make fast payouts a normal part of doing business.

The good news is that there are plenty of fast payout sports gambling sites out there. As long as you stick
with high quality sites, you’ll never have a problem getting paid. We have determined that the following sites
offer the fastest payouts based on our own experiences and information collected from online betting discussion forums:

Getting Paid in the US

The United States is a particularly troublesome market for online sportsbooks. It is the biggest and most profitable market in the world, but it also has a complex and vague legal framework. Online sports gambling is supposedly illegal, although even that much is unclear.

Gamblers are not targeted by the law, but those who operate sportsbooks are.


Millions of Americans gamble on sports every year and we have yet to hear about any individual bettor ever being prosecuted for the simple act of gambling. So on the legal side, it appears that you don’t have much to worry about.


Banking laws in the United States make it difficult for gambling sites of all types to send and receive money to and from players in the US. Even the best US-friendly betting sites have trouble processing payments from time to time.

However, that doesn’t give sportsbooks a free pass on how they handle your money. Even with the
difficulties in the United States, there are standards that must be met. Regardless of any excuses, there’s no point in playing somewhere that can’t pay you your rightfully earned money.

Sometimes payment processors are shut down and batches of payments are delayed for a couple of weeks. That’s going to happen and it’s something you should expect if you plan on gambling over the long term. Quality sportsbooks are able to keep these disruptions at a minimum by always planning ahead and always having alternative payment methods lined up.

What amount of time do we deem acceptable for a US Sports Gambling site to get you your money?

Sports betting sites that consistently take weeks (or even months) to send out payments are not worth the
time and frustration. The same also goes for books that routinely suffer from bounced checks and other
payment problems.

So in summary, we’re willing to give a little leeway to US-facing gambling sites. They do the best they can
under the circumstances. That does not mean we’re willing to give US sportsbooks a free pass though. As long as you stick with reputable and well-known gambling sites, you’ll be in good hands.

Payouts to the Rest of the World

Payouts tend to be much faster and more reliable to the rest of the world. If you live outside the US, you have access to a greater variety of withdrawal methods. You can opt to receive:


And payments to e-wallets such as


Most governments outside the US take a relaxed approach to online gambling. They do not give sports
gambling sites nearly as much trouble as the US does. This makes it much easier for our rest of the world
(ROTW) players to get paid. Some of the biggest international sites routinely send your money within

So for that reason, we hold ROTW sites to a higher standard. They don’t have nearly as many obstacles to
paying as sportsbooks in the US do. When ROTW betting sites miss payments, it is particularly concerning.


In any case, you should never settle for slow payouts no matter where you live
It may not be quite as fast in the United States, but it shouldn’t be dreadfully slow.
Your payments outside the US should never take longer than a week unless you
request payments via checks in the mail. There are enough options out there
that you can afford to be picky.