Horse Betting Sites

Horse racing and gambling have always maintained a close, symbiotic relationship. In fact, most horse racing tracks wouldn’t even be in business today if it wasn’t for gambling. The horse racing industry is well aware of this fact and has managed to keep up with the times by expanding its gambling services to the internet.

So today, we have numerous horse racing betting sites that let fans place wagers without ever stepping foot inside a racetrack. Not only does this make it easier for those of us who don’t live near tracks, but it adds immensely to the convenience factor for those who do. If all you want to do is place a bet or two on today’s races, you don’t have to make a whole day of driving to the track and placing bets in person.

The best horse racing betting websites cover every race hosted at racetracks around the world. All you need is an account at one racing site and you’ll have access to every race hosted on any given day. Many of these sites even stream the races live so that you can watch the action unfold in real time.

What Makes a Horse Racing Betting Site Great?

There is quite a range in quality when it comes to horse betting sites so we recommend any of the sites listed above. These sites cover all the day’s races and provide a wide range of bet types. Some of the sites we have encountered seem to treat horse racing as an afterthought with limited races and a paltry selection of wagers.

For us to recommend a site, they must provide the following:

Wide Variety of Betting Selections

You will not find a site that we recommend without these two necessities. However, there is a very important area we look into when making our recommendations for not only our horse racing betting sites, but for any gambling site that we will recommend to you:

Reliability & Reputation:

Trust plays a vital role in online betting, so we look for sites that have always treated customers fairly. Nothing good ever comes from doing business with sites that have long histories of customer complaints, cancelled wagers and missed payments.

And finally, with all that being said, the very best horse racing betting sites will go even farther than that:

Extra Perks:

Live racing video feeds, detailed racing analyses, betting tips, mobile betting and simple deposit methods. When a site gets all the basics right and provides these extra perks, it can be considered a truly great place to bet.

What to Expect

The typical horse gambling site is fairly easy to navigate.

Once you have an account:

Choose what deposit method is right for you
Deposit methods vary from place to place, but they generally include the credit card, bank transfer, cash transfer and prepaid debit card. If you log in to your account and visit the cashier’s area, you’ll see these options listed there.
Make a deposit
Pick whichever method you prefer and follow the instructions on the screen to make your deposit. It’s all pretty self-explanatory so we’ll leave it at that. If you have any problems funding your account, give your site’s customer support number a call. Gambling sites depend on getting you to deposit, so they are more than happy to help.
Start gambling!
Once you have your account funded, you can get to the good stuff. Horse racing betting sites have you pick the track you wish to bet on first. You should see a list of tracks that have scheduled races on the first screen you see after you log in. Click on any track name and you’ll be taken to the main betting area.

This is where you choose your wagers and submit them. Horse betting sites provide all the same betting options that you would see at an actual racetrack. These options may include:

  • Win Bets
  • Place Bets
  • Show Bets
  • Quinellas
  • Trifectas
  • Superfectas
  • Daily Doubles

After you place your bets, all you have to do is wait for the race to run. Any winnings that you earn will be deposited into your betting account at the conclusion of the race. You can then withdraw that money or use it to place more bets.

Legality of Online Horse Racing Betting in the United States

Horse and greyhound wagering were specifically mentioned in the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA). That piece of legislation was passed by Congress in an attempt to stop banks from processing financial transactions related to online gambling. In the text of the law, online greyhound and horse betting were exempted.

This effectively gave racetracks in the United States the go-ahead to set up legal betting websites. So when you wager on horses online, you don’t have to visit offshore gambling sites. These sites are located in the US, subject to US law and can process all your deposits and payouts in open view of the law.

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