The Bovada website is broken up into four distinct sections. Each section focuses on a different form of gambling:

When you visit the homepage, you’ll see links for each section. Visit any one of those sections and the website will explain what it offers and how to get started. It’s kind of like having four different gambling sites all wrapped up in one.

I am normally skeptical of gambling sites that try to do too much, but I’m accustomed to Bovada and this is what they do. Each form of gambling is well-done and feels like a complete experience. It doesn’t feel like Bovada is skimping on any one type of gambling or just offering it because they feel compelled to.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is where the Bovada/Bodog brand got started back in the 1990s. If I had to pick one form of gambling as their “specialty,” this would be it. Bovada and its founders are sports bettors at heart. Since Bovada focuses on the US market, most of its sports gambling options are centered around American sports.


are covered thoroughly with wagers on every major game. You can place moneyline bets, point spreads, totals and props on every regular season game for these sports. Bovada also hosts a number of futures for each sports league.

The betting selection isn’t limited only to professional US sports, though. Bovada also covers international leagues, college leagues and other sports. This includes wagers on rugby (both league and union)

The Olympics

Casino Games

Most of the sports betting sites that I review have a few casino games that seem to be more of an add-on than anything else. They might have a couple of slot games and blackjack tables to pick up a few extra dollars off sports gamblers. Bovada’s casino, on the other hand, is strong enough to stand on its own.

At last count, Bovada had about 120 different casino games. This includes a full lineup of table games and video poker, plus dozens of slot machines. Thirty of these games are 3D slots that are complete with slick graphics, storylines and entertaining sub-games. For example, one of the 3D slots is a pirate-themed game that takes place on the rocking boat of a pirate ship. Hit a free spins combo and you’ll be challenged to a drinking game against a nasty looking pirate.

The Bovada gambling section also has a mobile casino that you can access. You need to have an account to do anything at the mobile site, so visit the regular Bovada website on your computer and create an account first. Then, you can log in any time at the above link and play about 30 games on your phone or tablet.

Online Poker

Bovada (and its predecessor Bodog) had a weak poker room for years. It used to feel like your typical add-on poker room just for the Bovada people to say they offered poker. There were no real problems with the poker room, but they never really promoted it and it had a hard time picking up traffic.

Well, that has all changed over the past couple of years. With an increasing number of poker sites leaving the US market, Bovada has stepped up to fill the void. The Bovada poker room is now one of the busiest US-friendly poker sites on the market.

During peak times, you’ll find upwards of 2,500 players logged in and active at the tables. This is a far cry from the glory days of online poker, but those are solid numbers for today’s online poker market. You can log in any time and find real money players at all levels.

Horse Racing Betting

Bovada has a thorough racebook that covers over 60 tracks in North America and Australia. Daily wagers are available all the time, with all the usual types of bets offered on these tracks. You can place standard wagers, futures and more by clicking the name of any racetrack at the Bovada website. All results are updated in real time and winnings wagers are paid quickly.

The Bovada racing section also publishes past racing results that you can use to do research and plan future bets. In addition, Bovada posts regular articles that analyze recent and future races to help you make the best picks possible.

One of the greatest advantages to horse gambling at Bovada is that you get a weekly cashback reward on all your wagers. Every Tuesday, Bovada returns 5% of your action back to you in the form of a bonus. This is a major long term benefit for regular bettors.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Bovada

Bovada has a number of deposit and withdrawal methods designed primarily for US players. Although Bovada accepts players from around the world, it does focus on getting money to and from US players as quickly as possible.

Deposits can be made to Bovada via:
Credit card
Debit card
Cash transfers

The credit card success rate at Bovada is high despite US banking regulations that aim to make it difficult for US citizens to deposit.

If you can’t deposit with your card, a cash transfer will always work.

You can withdraw from Bovada via:
Cash transfers
Courier check

The cash transfer method allows customers to visit a local cash transfer station and receive actual cash. Courier checks are delivered to your front door.

Out of all the US-friendly gambling sites, Bovada has the fastest and most reliable withdrawals at this time.

Safety and Support

Bovada and its parent company have a longstanding reputation that dates back to 1994. Over all those years, we have yet to see a single scandal emerge from this gambling site. And in the online gambling world, that is about as good as it gets. If you play here, your money will be safe and you’ll be paid.

Customer support at Bovada is about average. They have a 24 hour phone number, live chat support and a support e-mail address. If you contact them, they’ll respond quickly and get your problems or questions addressed. I have no complaints in this area.