You can find many props bets for Prime Hydration, Logan Paul’s drink. He launched it in early 2022, and it looks like other well-known businesses and companies could get involved in the action.

Will Prime Hydration become an official drink sponsor of the WWE? Will any other major sports leagues jump on the Logan Paul bandwagon? I cover several Logan Paul Prime Hydration props and share my betting picks.

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Will Prime Hydration Be an Official WWE Sponsor by the End of 2023?

  • Yes; -240
  • No; +160

Here’s one of the Logan Paul Prime Hydration prop bets you should consider targeting. The influencer already has a working relationship with the WWE – he’s on the main roster and recently re-signed a multiyear deal with the organization.

Paul debuted for the WWE at WrestleMania in 2021 after Sami Zayn invited him to watch his match against Kevin Owens. Since then, his antics have made him a bad guy, although his in-ring prowess is impressive.

Paul has also stepped into the ring with several WWE icons. He’s wrestled alongside The Miz and gone up against the undisputed champion Roman Reigns. Paul also eliminated Seth Rollins at Royal Rumble back in January.

Here’s what’s also working in Paul’s favor: Prime is the official drink sponsor of the UFC. The agreement gives Prime access to several key UFC assets, such as promotion during live PPV events. The WWE and UFC recently merged in a blockbuster deal that no one saw coming.

Let’s also consider Prime Hydration in terms of what the brand represents. The company’s goal is to promote a health-conscious lifestyle among physically active people. Their drinks contain minimal amounts of sugar and calories.

Will the WWE strike a deal with Prime Hydration? The answer depends on where Paul’s career is heading. The organization really likes him, and Paul has a massive following among Millennials and Gen Z. In other words, he draws a lot of eyeballs to the WWE.

It’s very likely that Prime Hydration will become an official drink sponsor of the WWE. The marketing opportunities are simply too good to pass up. I expect there to be a deal in place before 2023 ends.

Will Prime Hydration Be an Official MLB Sponsor by the End of 2023?

  • Yes; +400
  • No; -750

Paul is seemingly involved in everything these days. This includes the MLB, one of the biggest sports leagues in the US. Paul recently signed a deal to make Prime Hydration the official drink sponsor of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

This is a massive step forward for Paul’s energy drink company in terms of becoming an official MLB sponsor. Paul’s partnership with the Dodgers will ensure that Prime will be featured all over the Los Angeles ballpark. The MLB will likely pay close attention to the money that it generates.

The popularity and financial success of Prime will be the deciding factors here. The MLB also must be thinking about all the potential revenue that a partnership could produce. Striking a deal with the Dodgers gives me a lot of confidence in Prime becoming an official MLB sponsor.

The big question is whether that will happen by the end of 2023, but I’m willing to take a shot when the odds are that high.

  • My Betting Pick: Yes; +400

Will Prime Hydration Be an Official NHL Sponsor by the End of 2023?

  • Yes; +1000

There are also Logan Paul Prime Hydration betting odds for a potential NHL sponsor. However, this one is least likely to form a partnership with Prime out of every American sports league. Paul, despite his popularity, has no prior business relationship with the NHL.

Here’s the other problem: the NHL had a long-time partnership with Gatorade before switching to Pepsi. This agreement will likely remain in place for the foreseeable future. Furthermore, you could argue that Pepsi represents an upgrade over Prime Hydration from a business perspective.

And yet, Paul’s presence is growing in the world of sports entertainment. He’s got name recognition and is a marketing guru. He knows his brand and uses it to make a lot of money.

Paul also teamed up with popular YouTuber KSI to promote Prime Hydration. These two create a pretty powerful dynamic when it comes to selling a product. Paul and KSI were rivals at one point before they decided to form a business relationship.

Is there reason to believe the NHL could switch things up with their drink sponsor? No, but Paul’s influence is pretty wide-ranging, and he’s always eager to work on big deals.

Signing one with the NHL by the end of 2023 is unlikely but not impossible. The price of +1000 is high enough for a small wager.

  • My Betting Pick: Yes; +1000

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