Credit and Debit Card Gambling Sites

The credit card is the fastest and most convenient deposit method for most gamblers. As long as you have a credit card (or debit card), you can fund your account in seconds. All you have to do is type in your number, put in an amount to deposit and hit the submit button. It’s as easy as buying something on eBay.

Best of all, most gambling sites accept credit cards. They know how much we use plastic today and it’s considered a basic business practice to get payment solutions set up for every major credit company. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are four of the biggest names that gambling sites accept.

Disclaimer – Credit Cards are not an accepted deposit method for UK players at Bet365

Here at, we have yet to review a gambling site that doesn’t accept credit and debit cards. So, the above is simply a list of our favorite and most-trusted sites. Not only are these websites safe, but they accept all the major credit brands.

More Information

There is quite a range in quality when it comes to horse gambling sites so we recommend any of the sites listed above. These sites cover all the day’s races and provide a wide range of bet types. Some of the sites we have encountered seem to treat horse racing as an afterthought with limited races and a paltry selection of wagers.

For us to recommend a site, they must provide the following:

Some things to consider before depositing
There may be fee’s associated with this deposit method
Some places cover that fee, but others pass it on to you. If there is a fee, it’s usually in the range of 5%. The fee isn’t a big deal for smaller deposits, but it does add up if you plan on depositing upwards of $500 at a time.
If you plan on making frequent large deposits, consider a different method
If you plan on depositing more than $500 or so on a regular basis, you really should consider a different deposit method. That’s really the only downside with depositing with a credit card. But for smaller deposits, it’s a fast, cheap and simple way to fund your gambling account.
You probably won’t be able to withdraw money onto that same card
The other thing to keep in mind when you deposit with a credit card is that you probably won’t be able to request payouts back to that same card. Sometimes you can, but usually the site will have you choose a different withdrawal method. In that case, you can just have the gambling site send an electronic transfer straight to your bank.
There may be fee’s associated with this deposit method
Also note that sometimes it takes a few days for credit card deposits to actually reflect in your bank account. It can be confusing when your gambling account is funded instantly but the funds aren’t actually deducted until a few days later. And to make it even more confusing, most places don’t explicitly state their names on banking statements.

Verification of Identity

Know this before you deposit anywhere

Almost any website will want you to verify your identity before it processes any withdrawals. If you deposit with a credit card, this will include you scanning a copy of your card and sending an e-mail of that image to that specific gambling site.

Lots of new players are caught off guard by this request, but it’s normal. Every place does it a little differently, but a lot of times they’ll ask for a copy of your credit card, identification and a utility bill at your address.


Have your own credit card with the name that will match on your ID and your utility bill. This will speed up the process and will eliminate any problems in the deposit process.


Use someone else’s card for your account. This will only make it harder for you to complete the deposit and may cause the deposit to not go through and possibly eliminate your account.

Yes, it’s a pain to have to scan all those documents, but it’s only a one-time thing at each site. Plus, it’s hard to blame them. The internet is a big, anonymous place and we all know how many scammers there are out there. Gambling sites just want to make sure they are accepting legitimate deposits and processing legitimate withdrawals.

USA-friendly gambling sites operate in an unfriendly financial world. Banking institutions were ordered to stop processing transactions to gambling sites back in 2008 and that has made life a little more difficult for everyone.

Important note:

Most gambling sites found ways around the banks, but every once in a while, credit card deposits are declined.

If this happens to you (and you’re sure you have sufficient funds), it’s probably just because your card issuer automatically blocked the deposit. There are a couple of ways around this. One is to just try a different card. Another option is to try a different amount, preferably an odd number. And last, you can always call customer support at your gambling site. They have other methods for getting deposits processed.