Best Online Canadian Gambling Sites

It’s hard telling exactly how many Canadian gambling sites are in operation right now, but there is certainly no shortage. Canada is a big betting market and most gambling sites make it a point to welcome all residents. From Nova Scotia to British Columbia, you won’t have any problems finding a place to play in Canada. Below we have listed what we found to be the very best.

Gambling law in Canada isn’t particularly strict or even enforced to any real extent, so most of the large sites do business with Canadians. This is good to know because it means you have lots of options. Stick with only the best places and you’ll have a positive online gambling experience.

Betway Logo
Betway Logo
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Betway first launched in 2006 and since then they have been steadily increasing in popularity, despite the fact that they don’t accept US customers. They offer competitive odds, updated features, and wonderful customer service. On top of that, all of their gaming software comes from one of the lea...


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How to Pick a Gambling Site

Figure out which sites accept residents of your country

In Canada, that’s not a big deal because just about every site accepts Canadians. It’s a whole different story if you live somewhere like the United States.

Find which of the sites that you picked are reputable.

It’s important to make sure that after you found a pool of sites that are legal in your country, you make sure that you choose a select few that have good reviews and that have been in business awhile.

Find out everything you can about the site.
  • Is the site known for slow withdrawals?
  • Are there a lot of player complaints on discussion forums?
  • Has the website changed names or owners multiple times?

These are only a few questions you should be asking yourself, but if the answer is yes to any of those questions, we consider it a red flag. There are just too many decent sites out there to make it worth the risk of playing somewhere that has had serious issues in the past.

Make sure the customer service is up to par.

Most online casinos should understand that they can’t operate without potential gamblers. So make sure you present any questions you have to customer service, and if you don’t like the response or are treated poorly, avoid that casino.

Try the free casino games before making a real money deposit.

Most casinos offer a chance for you to play their games before making an actual deposit. Make sure you try out the games you want to play looking for how well the software runs, how many games are offered, and the overall “feel” of the casino.

Gambling in Canadian Dollars

Worried about the hassle of converting your money to gamble?

All of our recommended sites allow you to deposit, gamble and withdraw in Canadian dollars. You don’t even have to convert your currency while it’s held in your account online. The Canadian dollar is popular enough that most large, international gambling sites fully accommodate it.

Interestingly, we’ve heard from some of the people who work for Canadian-friendly gambling sites and they tell us that a lot of their Canadian customers don’t even gamble in CAD. They are so used to converting to and from US dollars that it’s just kind of a routine.

Whichever you prefer, it’s an option. Depositing and withdrawing is done via a variety of methods. You can deposit with your credit or debit card, through an electronic bank transfer or via e-wallets such as Moneybookers and Neteller.

All the biggest deposit methods support CAD transactions as well, without requiring currency conversions. Withdrawals are processed back through the same method used to deposit, or via a paper check, electronic transfer or bank wire. We’ve found that at the biggest gambling sites, withdrawals usually take less than 5 days from beginning to end.


If you do somehow end up at a site that uses USD only, your conversions will be performed at the time of deposit and then back again when you withdraw. The Canadian dollar seems pretty stable along with the US dollar, so there’s probably nothing much to worry about there. Sometimes you’ll gain a little off the conversion; sometimes you’ll lose a little. In the end, it should all come pretty close to balancing out.