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If you’re new to online gambling and are feeling a little overwhelmed, that’s completely normal. Information is probably coming at you left and right, and many times that information is contradictory, poorly organized and just flat out incorrect. Believe it or not, we were there once too.

With that in mind, we present the compendium of gambling knowledge. The purpose of this guide is to give you the information you need to be an informed and more successful gambler. This guide covers everything from the very basics of getting started and finding a site to advanced strategy.

Much of this guide is dedicated to simply organizing information. is a big website and instead of leaving you to explore the site at random, we put this guide together as a “roadmap” of sorts. That way, you can find exactly what you need and skip all the rest.

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Where to Gamble

Where to Gamble Online

It only makes sense to start with recommendations for gambling sites. After all, helping you find the right place to play is our first priority. Everything else comes second to finding a safe online casino. All the tips and strategy advice in the world aren’t of much use until you have a quality site to call home.

One thing we keep in mind is that our readers come from all over the world and have unique needs. We eschew the “one size fits all” approach in favor of giving recommendations based on specific sets of criteria such as your location, favorite type of gambling and other preferences.

Your location will always be one of the big deciding factors in finding a gambling site. Gambling laws vary around the world and not all sites accept players from all countries. Additionally, some sites cater specifically to players in certain parts of the world with their promotions, deposit methods and accepted currencies.

Visit any of the following links for lists of sites that accept players from your part of the world:




For our US-based players, we also have recommendations based on the deposit and withdrawal capabilities of sites. Gambling laws in the United States make it difficult for gambling sites to process financial transactions. Some sites have adapted much better than others. If you’ve ever had a problem making a deposit or getting your money, see these pages:

The 5 Types of Gambling is organized by types of gambling. With so much information to cover, we found it easier to divide the website into distinct areas that discuss the most popular forms of gambling. We cover everything from sports betting to online bingo here.

Each section has its own sub-set of gambling articles, gambling site top-lists and tips for improving your game. All you have to do is visit any of the links posted below to learn more about that type of gambling. We always add new content, so bookmark us and check back often.

Sports Betting

Sports betting translates to the internet remarkably well. It’s easy enough for online sportsbooks to post lines, handle bets and offer everything else that you’d find at a live bookie. Best of all, it’s easy for you to compare lines across multiple bookmakers to get the best odds for every wager.

Our sports betting guide covers everything from the basics of sports betting lingo to the latest tips and picks for upcoming matchups. The technical details of sports betting are fairly simple, but there’s a lot that goes into being a successful sports bettor. Check out our guide for all the good stuff.

Casino Games

This part of covers all the classic casino games you know and love. Blackjack, baccarat, slot machines, craps – you name it – we’ve got it covered. We also talk about the best online casinos, explain what to look for when choosing a casino and how to stay safe when playing games for real money.

Casino games are based mostly on luck, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for strategy. In fact, we have a good number of strategy articles that are designed to help you lower the house advantage on a whole variety of games. There’s no need to leave it all to luck.


Poker is the odd-man out because we really don’t consider it gambling. Sure, there are elements of chance in poker but your results over the long term are 100% a byproduct of your skill. Poker is an intricate game with layers of strategy. There’s a reason poker has been played around the world in some form or another for hundreds of years.

Visit our poker guide for recommended poker sites and a nice collection of strategy articles. No-limit Texas Holdem is our bread and butter, but we also cover fixed limit Holdem, Omaha, 7 Card Stud and other variations.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is closely associated with sports betting, but betting on the horses is a whole different game. The way the odds are set up, the types of bets and the strategies for winning are all unique to horse race betting. So, we’ve set up a section devoted entirely to the sport of kings.

The majority of online horse race betting takes place at sportsbooks. We cover those same betting sites here, but from the angle of horse racing. Our horse racing guide recommends racebooks, talks strategy and provides tips for betting on all the biggest racing events each year.


The ever-increasing popularity of online bingo persuaded us to finally give bingo its own section in our gambling guide. It seems bingo is destined to be more popular than any of us ever guessed. The social aspect of bingo seems to have endeared the game to wide swaths of people who wouldn’t otherwise consider themselves gamblers.

At its heart, bingo is still a game of chance and you can win real money. You can bet as little or as much as you want and have fun while you do it. Our bingo guide has top picks for real money bingo sites and tips to make your bankroll last.