There’s a new crisis involving Meghan and Harry, and it has to do with marital discord. Rumors are circulating about a possible divorce in the near future. The latest Harry and Meghan betting odds even allow you to place a wager on a potential breakup.

The media narrative right now is that the royal couple is going through a rough patch in their marriage. Can they tough it out and reconcile their differences? I want to explore the latest Harry and Meghan divorce odds and other markets available at Bovada.

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Harry & Meghan to Divorce in 2023

  • Odds; +950

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are often in the news and for different reasons. People speculate that they could separate from each other:after five years of marriage, the rumor is that their relationship isn’t in the best place.

Harry and Meghan didn’t publicly acknowledge their wedding anniversary. This doesn’t necessarily indicate marital issues, but people are curious nonetheless. The anniversary also came just days after the couple was involved in a strange incident with NYC paparazzi.

Public perception also plays a key role in the marriage. Journalist Tom Bower has said that they care about “controlling the narrative” and that the damage they cause is usually self-inflicted. Harry and Meghan are often criticized for wanting privacy yet craving attention at the same time.

There’s also a rumor that Meghan is leading a separate life from Harry. Bower has even claimed that Meghan is “getting tired” of Harry and could break things off at any moment. Like most relationships, I think it’s safe to say this marriage isn’t perfect.

There’s also Meghan’s absence at King Charles’ coronation. It fueled rumors that a divorce between her and Harry was imminent. The likely reason, though, that Meghan didn’t attend is because of the ongoing conflict between her and the royal family.

Look, my assessment is that Meghan tends to be domineering. Has her personality caused a rift in her marriage? Probably, but I doubt the star will split in 2023. The odds on Harry and Meghan divorcing are tempting but not worth it.

Harry & Meghan Will Be Pictured on the Academy Awards Red Carpet in 2024

  • Odds; -145

If the marriage doesn’t end, Meghan and Harry may attend the Academy Awards together in 2024. Major award ceremonies are no strangers to inviting royal attendees. Prince William and Kate Middleton have attended multiple BAFTA award shows.

Meghan loves the spotlight and her celebrity status in Hollywood. She previously signed a deal worth $100 million with Netflix because she very much wants to be on camera, like most actors.

It must be noted that Harry and Meghan weren’t at the Academy Awards in 2023. The speculation surrounding their absence was that their documentary didn’t earn a nomination. Also, Meghan hasn’t acted in yearsand is not working on any film or TV projects either.

The Academy invited the royal couple to attend the award ceremony in 2022. However, they allegedly didn’t go because the movie Spencer – about the life of Princess Diana – was nominated for an Oscar that year. It was known that Harry didn’t like the movie.

Surprisingly, these two have yet to appear at the Academy Awards together. They both love grabbing people’s attention, and what better way to do so than by attending the Oscars? I think it’s bound to happen in 2024.

Harry & Meghan to Have Their Royal Titles Removed in 2023

  • Odds; +550

The latest Harry and Meghan 2023 betting odds also cover the possibility that their titles will be removed before 2023 ends. It’s well documented that the couple quit their royal duties back in 2020. However, they’re still known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Here’s what we know: discussions have already occurred about Harry and Meghan losing their titles. It’s been suggested that the process initially went into effect when they quit the royal family. Those conversations, however, have been picking up as of late.

It’s known that King Charles isn’t in favor of such a decision. However, several royals who’re high up allegedly aren’t as sympathetic towards Harry and Meghan. The pressure to remove their titles will increase if the couple continues to disrespect the monarch.

Here’s another important question: Is it legally possible for Harry and Meghan to lose their titles? Technically, the answer is yes – but only through an act of parliament. In other words, the royals have no authority to remove a family member’s title.

I think it’s highly unlikely for Harry and Meghan to lose their titles, especially this year. The last time anything like this occurred was back in 1917, which is when King George V passed the Titles Deprivation Act. This made it possible to strip British titles from German and Austrian royals during WWI.

There’s another wrinkle in this story worth mentioning. Bob Seely, a member of the UK Parliament, introduced a bill that would strip Harry and Meghan of their titles. There’s certainly an effort in Britain to address the situation involving the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Is there bad blood between the royal couple and the monarch? Absolutely – Harry has put the entire family on blast with his Netflix documentary and the tell-all memoir that he released. The conflict is not ending soon, but the process of removing a title is very complicated, and I don’t see it happening.

Harry & Meghan to Host SNL During Season 49

  • Odds; +850

It wouldn’t surprise me if both Harry and Meghan were to host an SNL episode. In fact, Harry accepted and then backed out of a hosting gig not that long ago. As expected, the reason was fear of how it would affect his public image.

Here’s the bottom line: SNL producer Lorne Michaels wants Harry on the show. There’s even speculation that the Duke of Sussex could appear in a surprise sketch. Furthermore, Meghan has acting experience and would probably fit right in with the SNL cast.

If Harry and Meghan are going to host SNL, they have to be 100% committed. The show wants Harry involved, and if they can pair him with Meghan, the result could be potentially spectacular. Everyone would tune in for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex hosting SNL.

Here’s the important question: will Harry and Meghan host the show together, or will it be just one of them? Harry was originally slated to host on his own. However, I think it’s a smarter move for SNL to get them on as co-hosts. 

You should also know that SNL has a history of mocking the royal family. Former cast member Fred Armisen famously portrayed Queen Elizabeth as a mob boss during his time on the show. In comedy, nothing’s off limits, and that principle applies to the British monarch.

I’m predicting that Harry and Meghan will host SNL in Season 49 together. I know that technically they’re not in show business, but that won’t stop them from accepting the gig. Furthermore, SNL has a history of hosts who weren’t part of the entertainment industry.

The odds of +850 are simply too high to ignore.

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