Some bookmakers offer Hunter Biden betting props, so let’s analyze the best picks in this articleThe son of US President Joe Biden just accepted a plea deal with federal prosecutors, but it looks like he could be in hot water once again.

Will more information come out about Hunter’s business dealings with Ukraine and China? Will Hunter be held in contempt of court during his trial? Let’s dive into the Hunter Biden betting props offered by BetUS.

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Will Hunter Biden Be Held in Contempt of Court?

  • Yes; +170
  • No; -260

The ongoing legal saga involving Hunter Biden takes on a new complexion quite often. He’s been in hot water for tax evasion, gun charges, and soliciting prostitutes. Hunter also recently accepted a plea deal with federal prosecutors, but a judge has yet to sign off on it.

Will Hunter be found in contempt of court? First, let’s define what that means. Contempt is when someone demonstrates disrespect or disobedience towards a court of law. It’s a form of unlawful behavior during judicial proceedings.

The Hunter Biden betting odds suggest he won’t be held in contempt of court. I tend to agree with this assessment because it’s obvious that Hunter doesn’t want to be in trouble. He’s been relatively tame during legal troubles and has managed to avoid jail.

You could, however, look at the photos from Hunter’s laptop and think otherwise. Nearly 9,000 images were recently published depicting the president’s son naked with prostitutes and doing drugs. You wouldn’t think that Hunter was the son of a world leader based on his personal life.

Ultimately, there’s really nothing to suggest that Hunter will do anything to be held in contempt of court. He appears to be a pretty docile person when he has to be. I doubt that he’ll make any kind of reckless decisions that could place him in contempt.

Will Hunter’s Business Dealings Be Revealed in Court?

  • Yes; -130
  • No; -110

Concerns regarding Hunter’s international business dealings are also growing. A bombshell text message was recently released to the public, implicating Hunter in a shakedown of a prominent Chinese businessman. More evidence could soon emerge about what’s been going on.

Allegations of corruption have also been levied against the Biden family. The president said he’s never been involved in Hunter’s “overseas business dealings” in 2019. A Chinese energy company has sent $4.8 million to Hunter’s firm as recently as 2018.

Let’s be honest: There needs to be more transparency regarding Hunter’s business dealings. There’s clear evidence the president’s son isn’t playing by the rules. Again, these are all allegations, but there’s still information that has yet to come out.

Will the public get to learn more about what went down between Hunter and his overseas business partners? I think there’s a strong possibility that more information will be made available in court.

  • My Betting Pick: Yes; -130

Will Hunter Biden Lower His Child Support Payment?

  • Yes; +250
  • No; -400

Hunter also has an ongoing legal battle involving child support payments. He fathered a child with a woman from Arkansas and initially denied paternity. The dispute has been unfolding for several years, but a conclusion appears to be in sight.

The lawyers representing the mother of Hunter’s child were at one point demanding the president’s son disclose his assets and income to the courts. It’s known that Hunter lives in Malibu,one of the richest communities in the United States.

It’s been revealed that the president’s son has paid $20,000 per month in child support, with over $750,000 paid so far. Hunter was attempting to reduce his financial obligation and then settled his child support case, but not much is known about the full details.

Hunter agreed to fork over some of his paintings as part of the settlement. The mother of his child agreed to withdraw her counterclaim to use “Biden” as the child’s last name. A redacted court document blocks out the information on Hunter’s monthly payment amount.

I don’t think we’re going to learn how much Hunter will pay henceforth. It’s known the president’s son will continue providing financial support until the child reaches 18 years old. However, I doubt that all the details of the settlement will be made public.

  • My Betting Pick: No; -400

Will There Be Controversy Surrounding the Sale of Hunter’s Art During His Trial?

  • Yes; -400
  • No; +250

Here’s one of my favorite Hunter Biden prop bets. Will there be controversy over the sale of his art? Honestly, controversy and scandal are part of Hunter’s identity at this point. The president’s son just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

Is he allowed to make art and sell it? Absolutely, but it’s also understandable that people are enraged about it. The guy lives a privileged life and uses his father’s position to gain a leg up. He then decides to sell “abstract art” for $85,000 a pop!

Hunter’s artwork has also caused quite a stir in the past. In 2021, Hunter held an exhibition in New York and sold paintings worth $500,000a piece. Concerns over ethics arose because Hunter was allegedly using his status as the president’s son to make a lot of money.

Is Hunter’s art worth the exorbitant price tag? That’s very debatable, and we’ve seen many suggestions he’s laundering money that way.

Controversy will inevitably happen regarding Hunter Biden and the sale of his art. His stuff is overpriced, and he benefits from being Joe Biden’s son. People are going to be mad about it, no matter what.

  • My Betting Pick: Yes; -400

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