Real Money Gambling

If betting is something new to you, then you may be wondering what real money gambling is all about. That’s exactly why we’re here – to inform you on this and point you in the direction of the best locations for doing it. Real money gambling is actually exactly as it sounds – gambling on games or sporting events or lotteries with real money. That is, your own funds. It’s titled this way because there’s also the possibility for gamers to experience free-play gaming on gambling games. In that instance, you’re given demo funds, which can be utilized to try out betting games without using your own money first. Real money gambling, on the other hand, is the term used to describe placing bets on games and events with your own real money. Simple, right?

So, what exactly is the draw for people to participate in real money gambling? Why should you do it? What kind of interest will it be to someone who has never opted to experience betting before? Well, real money gambling can be very thrilling for a number of reasons. Not least of all because you have the potential to place a real money bet and increase your funds. Gambling can be a general fun thing to do, but it also brings forth the potential to walk away with more money than you started out with.

What’s more, gambling provides a form of entertainment. Regardless of whether you choose to place a bet on an online slot machine, on a round of roulette, on bingo – whatever your preferred gaming choice – it’s there to ensure that you have fun and experience an entertaining time. Real money gaming ups the ante from standard free play, too, because of the aforementioned possibility of winning money. The adrenaline starts pumping as you make your next wager, the excitement builds as you manage to be dealt a winning hand, the visually stunning graphics of many games come into play, and so much more.

To put it bluntly, real money gambling provides you with a pastime that is both enjoyable and also comes with the potential for personal profit.

If you already consider yourself to be a fan of gaming in general, then no doubt real money gambling will also hold some appeal for you. After all, it’s basically playing a game, but with money involved, too. So, where do we come in as far as real money gambling is concerned? Well, it’s our job to inform you of all the different types of betting that are available to you. We have guides to direct you through slots, table games, sports betting, poker, and much more.

Therefore, you’ll always be informed on the best locations to participate in real money gambling, as well as the types of games that are available in this sector. We provide you with guides that will assist you in becoming a better gambler, taking you through things with step-by-step instructions and hints and tips to learn about.

We have been in this industry for many years now, which ensures that we have the information and knowledge to be able to inform you on everything there is to know. Furthermore, because of this, we are able to protect you from any sites that aren’t worth trusting and direct you to the more respectable, regulated platforms where you’re able to feel safe and secure with your bets. We’re here to inform, protect, and increase your own knowledge of real money gambling through our own experience within the industry.

Our Top Real Money Betting Sites

For the most part, the online gambling world is a very fun pastime to get yourself involved in. Of course, there will always be those sites that try to scam you, leaving you with a very bad impression of them. That’s why we have put our own time and effort into gathering together this collection of online gambling sites that you can trust. We’ve found the very best in quality, which are able to provide you, the player, with a regulated and safe place to participate in online gambling. Here, you’ll find the websites that we recommend in order for you to have a thoroughly entertaining and high-quality experience. Check them out to find the best online platform for you.

Rank Gambling Site Exclusive Bonus Get Started
Wild Casino
250% Up To $5,000 Visit Site Wild Casino
Las Atlantis
280% Up To $14,000 Visit Site Las Atlantis
50% Up To $250 Visit Site Bovada
125% Up To $2,500 Visit Site BetUS
60% Up To $1,000 Visit Site BetOnline

Popular Gambling Activities

So, what types of gambling are considered to be popular today? While multiple different types of online betting exist, there are a certain few that stand out above the rest and are considered to be the most popular options to go for.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is something that has been popular for a very long time already. Even before it became somewhat of a legal entity in countries, citizens were placing bets on different sporting events, trying to pick out winning teams or players for a return on a wager. The sports betting industry has grown considerably over the years, becoming one of the most popular gambling activities today. This is perhaps due to the fact that sports in general are quite popular amongst people, and the outcome of events depends on different teams’ or players’ abilities and skills.

While online sportsbooks tend to have multiple different sports and events to bet on, some of the more popular offerings at these platforms include:

While sports betting may seem like it’s something that is aimed more at people who have a vested interest in sporting events, this is not always the case. Sports betting can be for anyone. And just like we are able to give you details on the best gambling sites to join, we’re also able to provide you with guides to be able to inform you on how to place sports bets and take you from being a novice gambler through to somewhat more of a professional.

Our guides will also be able to inform you on the various odds that sports events come along with, as well as the differing types of sports bets that you can place on each of the different sports available. Therefore, you’re able to discover all of the details about becoming a better sports gambler right here. In this instance, you’ll have all the information and tools necessary to start placing bets and hopefully making money from such in the process.

Casino Betting

Casinos will be one of the first things that people think of when the words “online gambling” are mentioned. It’s quite understandable, too, because casinos open their virtual doors to avid gamblers on such a frequent basis that they’re becoming more extensive every month. Online casino gaming basically takes everything that you find in a land-based casino and puts it into an online setting. This being the case, you’ll be able to access a wide variety of games from the comfort of your own home or even via a mobile device.

If you’ve ever been to a brick-and-mortar casino establishment, then you’ll know some of the games that they provide. Online casinos don’t falter too far from that same path, often ensuring that a diverse range of options is available.

Slot games are perhaps the biggest and most popular type of game that online casinos will integrate. This is mainly due to the fact that software developers tend to strongly focus on creating and providing such possibilities. Slots offer up intriguing themes, appealing setup designs, and entertaining features for you to experience. Betting on these games is easy to do, with different wager amounts for you to select from in most cases. Sometimes, you’ll even find that slot games come with progressive jackpot amounts in them to win. If you’re lucky enough to trigger one of these, they generally provide life-changing amounts of money.

You’ll also find that more traditional casino games are found at online locations, too, such as roulette, blackjack, poker, and baccarat. These usually come under the category of “Table Games” and also have multiple variations for you to access. Therefore, we’ll be able to give you details on the rules of these games, what differs between the alternate variations, and how to enhance your own skills so as to become a better table gamer.

It’s not only these games that we will provide you with information on, either, as it’s also often the case that you’ll find live dealer casino games available. These take the basic table games and stream live dealers from a studio or land-based casino to give you a more authentic experience. Additionally, other options at online casinos include video poker, scratch cards, and keno.

Regardless of what you uncover as being your favorite type of game, we’ve got the guides and assistance necessary to help you understand how these offerings work and extra hints and tips to assist you with improving your gambling abilities.

Finding the Best Real Money Site for You

So how exactly can you be sure that you’re joining and playing at a legitimate, safe, and top-quality gambling site? After all, with so many possibilities available, it’s only normal to find that some sites will try to take advantage of you. Fortunately, the platforms that we recommend to our readers have undergone extensive research. So, you can guarantee that we’re providing you with information on the highest in quality.

Read Honest Reviews

It’s important to get all of the information about an online gambling site before you choose to join and play there. Why? So that you know what to expect from its game lobby, its sports betting options, odds, depositing methods, support services, and more. That’s why we have brought together the very best in gambling platform reviews. Our honest reviews of all our recommended online gambling sites will provide you with all of the necessary details relating to casinos and sportsbooks.

Anyone who is aspiring to become a better bettor will find our complete reviews of these platforms to be of great assistance. By reading them, you’ll get to know about the pros and cons of all online betting sites, and this will give you insight into if it provides you with everything that is necessary to you as a player. Plus, we’ve actually been in your position as the player at all of these sites. We’ve gone in there, checked out all of the features that they provide, and reviewed them closely. You’ll find all of the details from our own research right here.

That’s what makes our honest reviews the very best out there. Because we’ve gone through the experience of signing up, depositing funds, playing the games, processing a withdrawal, speaking with customer support, and more, we’re able to inform you on what works and what needs more focus at all of these sites. This way, you can get the information that you need and make an informed decision upon which site(s) you want to become a member of and play at. This is the primary way that you’re able to find the very best betting site for you. Honest reviews are the best reviews!

Risks of Real Money Gambling

One thing to note is that gambling should be a fun pastime for you to do, not something that you become too dependent on. This is why it’s important to know that real money gambling also comes with its own risks. Of course, it’s important to not let these risks over-run the entertainment side of things. However, always remember that these risks are a part of the overall real money gambling sector.

Gambling addiction is perhaps one of the largest risks involved with this type of gaming. Unfortunately, many people do become a bit too obsessed with playing casino games and placing wagers on sporting events. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that you’re almost certain to lose money at some point during your gaming session. There isn’t a single gambler out there who can guarantee that they will win on every single bet.

This is why you should always look at real money gambling as a favorite hobby and not specifically as a direct way to make money. Although it is possible to come away with more than you started with, the thing to remember is that this should not be the be-all-end-all.

Furthermore, as spoken of before, there are scam sites that exist in the online world, which is another risk of the real money gambling sector. These sites aim to take your deposit and either not allow you to play with it or not allow you to withdraw your winnings. We don’t endorse such sites, which is why you won’t find any of them on our recommended gambling platforms list. Needless to say, it’s easy to be blinded by masses of games or special offers that will allow you to play for longer.

However, as long as you remain smart and think logically about it, the entertainment and enjoyment factor will far outweigh the risks. Don’t go into gambling with the idea that you’re solely there to make money. Go into it with an open mind, and remember that losses will most likely occur, too.
And never gamble with real money that you can’t afford to lose. Be clever. Be intelligent. But most of all, have fun at your chosen gambling site. Doing so will ensure that the risks of real money gambling aren’t even a factor in your gameplay.

Real Money Bonuses

Perhaps one of the best things about choosing to bet online as opposed to doing so offline is the fact that you can benefit from wonderful bonuses! It’s not likely that you’ll find a land-based establishment providing you with a welcome bonus of 100% up to $1,000!

However, this is very much different when it comes to online casinos and sportsbooks. The vast majority of them come with welcome offers for newcomers to claim and nicely benefit from, which provide you with a nice start. And things don’t end there, either, because additional perks are provided as you continue with your online gambling journey.

The same can be said about an offline bookmaker – you’re not likely to be given a selection of free bets when you create an account at one, whereas online sportsbooks provide some intriguing offers. That’s why, when you compare the two sectors, the online gambling industry wins out quite spectacularly.

The offers that these platforms provide don’t just circulate around bonuses on top of deposits, either. While these are considered to be the most popular promotions to claim, there are various other options for players to enjoy at online casinos and bookies, too.


Some casinos will allow you to receive frees pins on certain slot games. Or sometimes cashback is given on accumulated losses when playing a certain game. It’s also often the case that online casinos will bring forth different seasonal promotions, enabling you to claim offers within certain time periods.

As far as sportsbooks are concerned, apart from the free bets that they often give away to newbies, they’ll also have a selection of sport-specific options. For example, if you’re building up accumulators, you can get some sort of return even if one of the events doesn’t turn out in the way you wagered on it too.

Or if a big sports event is coming up, some platforms give increased odds on such for you to benefit from. All of these special offers and bonuses serve to make your real money gambling experience much more enhanced.

Therefore, if you do have a struggle when it comes to deciding between online or offline gambling, these perks will surely help to promote online betting as being a much more entertaining option.


Needless to say, online real money gambling is not something that is legal in all jurisdictions around the world. That’s why it’s important to check how legal any sort of gambling is within your country. Of course, this is not always something that is so easy to understand, and finding out whether or not real money gambling online is legal for you to participate in from your country can often be somewhat of a grey zone. There’s nothing so black and white about it.

Many countries don’t have any laws that specifically pertain to online gambling but have set rules when it comes to gambling in general. Alas, it’s important to approach participating in such with care. After all, the last thing you want to do is get in trouble with the law over accessing something illegal. Of course, we want you to have a great time and experience the fun and thrills that come with betting and gameplay, which is why we are here to help with this.

Try consulting your local laws on gambling before you go ahead with placing any wagers. At least you’ll then be somewhat informed on what the legal status of online gambling is in your jurisdiction.

Naturally, we believe that anyone and everyone should be allowed to gamble as they choose with their own money, although some laws are in place to try and stop criminal activity. Don’t lose heart, though, because there will generally always be ways for you to enjoy online real money gambling – especially when you look through our collection of recommended licensed and regulated platforms.

Real Money Gambling FAQs

FAQHow Can I Be Sure That I’m Depositing Money on a Safe Platform?

If you opt for one of the casinos or sportsbooks that we recommend, then you can guarantee that they all possess at least one gambling license. Without such, they wouldn’t be operating legally in the online world. These also ensure that a safe and secure gaming environment is provided, while your money remains safe upon making a deposit and withdrawals.

FAQDo I Have to Do Online Gambling from a PC?

It’s not specifically necessary to access online gambling sites from a home PC. You can also participate in online gambling from a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Most casinos and sportsbooks today are now optimized to provide a great experience from these devices.

FAQDo I Need to Download Software in Order to Enjoy Real Money Online Gambling?

The vast majority of online platforms now provide instant-play games and sports betting. In some cases, you do have the option of downloading such to your desktop. However, it’s often the case that it’s not a necessity.

FAQWill I Have to Enter Card Details in Order to Deposit?

The great thing about online real money gambling now is that most platforms enable you to use one of many different forms of payment methods. So, while credit and debit cards are usually accepted, so are various e-wallets, prepaid cards, bank transfers, and more.

FAQHow Fast Are Withdrawals of Winnings Usually?

This is something that will differ from site to site. It also depends upon which withdrawal method you opt to use. Generally speaking, a platform will need up to a couple of days to process the withdrawal for you, and then the withdrawal method you have chosen will do the next part, which can take anywhere between 24 hours and multiple days.

FAQWhat If I Think I’m Becoming Addicted to Gambling?

If an online casino is legitimate, then it will provide links to companies that can help with gambling addiction. There are organizations set up around the world to assist with this, and the casino should actively promote these companies.

FAQHow Old Do I Have to Be to Participate in Real Money Gambling?

This depends upon your local laws, which is another reason why it’s better to check into these. In some locations, the minimum age to gamble is 18, while others set it as 21. Make sure you check into this before getting started.