Important Gambling Resources

This page consists of a collection of links to important, useful gambling resources. If you search for any gambling-related term on Google, the majority of results point to promotional websites whose sole goal is to get you to sign up at a gambling site. Some of those promotional-type sites are great, but for this page we’d like to stick with sites whose sole objective is to give you information.

1. Gamblers Anonymous

Gambling addiction is not an issue that we should try to brush under the rug. It is (or at least should be) a concern for anyone involved in the casino industry. We want you to get out there, have fun and hopefully win money, but we do know that addiction is a problem for some people. We don’t want your favorite hobby to ever turn into a nightmare.

If you suspect that you or someone you know maybe have a problem with gambling, Gamblers Anonymous is an excellent resource. GA has help for both those with the addiction and their loved ones. There’s no shame in getting help if you’re worried about how gambling may be affecting your life.

2. Wikipedia Gambling Page

While we wouldn’t recommend using Wikipedia as a source for an academic paper, it is a useful resource nonetheless. The main gambling entry at Wikipedia is full of information that you will find both useful and interesting.

This page talks about the history of gambling, how gambling differs from insurance, common betting systems, myths and types of gambling. There are also lots of links to other gambling-related Wikipedia pages and offsite resources for more in-depth information on any single subject.

3. The Gambler’s Fallacy – Explained

It is important for every gambler to understand the concept of Gambler’s Fallacy. Gambler’s Fallacy is responsible for a lot of bad decisions at the tables. This page provides a clear but in-depth explanation and examples of Gambler’s Fallacy.

This one is worth a read because Gambler’s Fallacy threatens to rear its ugly head all the time. It comes up in slot games, table games, card games, lotteries and betting systems. It will serve you well to understand how Gambler’s Fallacy works and why it is wrong.

4. Why the Martingale System Does Not Work

There are two reasons why I recommend everyone understand the problems with the Martingale system. First, the system simply refuses to die. Spend enough time talking with your friends about gambling or surfing the net and you will undoubtedly run into someone promoting the system.

Second, it is useful to understand WHY the Martingale System doesn’t work because it will make you a more well-rounded gambler. Once you understand the mechanics behind the myth, you can recognize other situations and systems that rely on the mis-logic of the Martingale System.

Bonus points if you can spot the reference to Gambler’s Fallacy on that page.

5. Vegas Deals

Las Vegas doesn’t have to break the bank. There are good deals to be had if you know where to look. One place I like to look is They have a constantly-updated list of cheap hotel rooms, cheap attractions and special deals for visitors.

Whoever runs the website must be a local because he knows all the ins and outs of doing Vegas on the cheap. So if you’re planning on a trip or have put a trip off due to budgetary concerns, this is the website for you.

6. National Council on Problem Gambling

The National Council on Problem Gambling is dedicated to increasing public awareness on problem gambling and helping addicts find free help. This is another great resource in addition to Gamblers Anonymous. The website has a free phone number that you can call for information and resources to get help.

7. The UK Gambling Commission

The UK Gambling Commission is the UK’s regulatory body for both traditional and online gambling. This is a useful resource for legal issues, submitting complaints about casinos, finding licenses for online casinos and getting help in starting your own gambling business.

This website does not make for entertaining light reading, but it’s great for research purposes. The website also releases problem gambling studies, explains what you should expect from a gambling site in the UK and more.

8. Calvin Ayre

Calvin Ayre is the original founder of famed betting site Bodog. He no longer runs the business but he keeps up to date on gambling around the world. This website is an interesting read for casual gamblers and industry insides alike. offers gambling news, industry predictions, interesting articles, peaks behind the scenes of your favorite gambling sites, information about conferences and advice to players. does not promote gambling sites. It runs as an informational, non-profit resource.

9. Las Vegas Sun Gaming Section

The Las Vegas Sun is the big newspaper in town and its gaming section is frequently updated with casino news – usually local news. Here you can read about casino expansions, closures, mergers, new restaurants, new attractions and more. This one is especially recommended for locals.

10. TwoPlusTwo Forums

The 2+2 forums are an excellent resource for poker and gambling strategy. This is one of the few in-depth poker strategy websites that aren’t plastered with ads. The discussion forums host some of the most advanced poker strategy discussions I’ve ever seen anywhere. Much of what I learned about poker came from 2+2.

2+2 also has a section devoted to gambling strategy, theory and math. The gambling section isn’t as big as the poker section, but it still has a lot of interesting and useful things. What I like most about 2+2 is that the discussions cover far more ground than what you see at the typical poker or gambling website.

11. Gambling and the Law

This website is run by professor I. Nelson Rose, who is one of the most respected names in the world when it comes to gambling law. You would think this website makes for dull reading, but it’s actually quite interesting. Professor Rose knows how to strike the right balance between information and entertainment.

So why would you ever visit this site? Well, maybe you have a question on the legality of placing bets from home. Or maybe you’d like to host a charity gaming event without crossing the line into criminal underground gambling. Professor Rose also talks about big happenings in the industry (such as when Full Tilt Poker lost its license in Alderney) and what they mean from a legal standpoint.

12. Reddit Gambling

Reddit is kind of a funny website, but it’s one of the largest and most-visited sites on the internet. In the gambling section, members participate in discussions and post links to interesting articles, news stories and videos. If you have an interest in gambling, you’ll find all sorts of useful and interesting things to read here.