Where would you like to go on your next vacation? Perhaps you’ve got the idea to indulge in some gambling while you’re away from home. Or maybe, you intend to go on a gambling holiday, visiting casinos, and taking in all of the awe-inspiring scenes.

Lucky for you, we know of some of the world’s most attractive gambling destinations. Some of these locations are well-known, while others may come as quite the surprise. Whatever the case may be, they’re some of the world’s best.

Macau, China

You couldn’t possibly have a list of attractive gambling destinations without the Vegas of Asia. That’s right, just across the bay from Hong Kong you’ll find some of the most amazing gaming in the East.

The history of gambling in Macau goes back as far as the 1850s. At that time, the Portuguese government – which ruled the colony – used Macau as a means of generating revenue, with over 200 gambling houses being required to provide gambling rent.

Today, gambling provides the region with a huge tourist industry. At least half of Macau’s revenue comes from the area’s casinos, many of which are open 24-hours a day.

London, England

The capital of the United Kingdom plays host to a vast number of casinos and gambling establishments. In fact, the casinos in London are known for being of considerably high-quality, and many of them offer exclusive access to members.

The bright lights of the big city are sure to tempt you to step foot inside one of the casinos, which have a wide range of games to cater to all types of players, from novice to professional.

Some of the best casinos in London include The Grosvenor Victoria, Aspers Casino and The Palm Beach Casino, located in the high-end district of Mayfair.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Was there any doubt Las Vegas would show up on this list? Ask anyone in the world where the most-popular casino and gambling destination is, and Las Vegas will probably roll off their tongue. It could almost be referred to as the global hub of gambling activity.

If you’re looking for sports betting, Caesars Palace has been named as one of the best locations to participate in this. On the other hand, if you prefer slots, the ARIA may be the best place to visit. And if you prefer poker gaming, make sure stop at the Bellagio.

Vegas may be known as Sin City, but there’s nothing quite like the real Las Vegas experience. It’s got something for everybody. The Las Vegas strip alone features about 100 different casinos to explore.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

If you haven’t heard of the country of Monaco, we wouldn’t blame you. It’s one of the smallest locations in Europe, sharing its sole border with France. However, it is a huge gambling destination, which began during the 19th century under the reign of Prince Charles III. He constructed the Monte Carlo Casino as a means of saving the country from financial ruin.

In the proceeding years, Monaco saw a swift increase in the number of tourists flocking to its borders, looking to test their luck. For many years, it remained as one of Europe’s only gambling hubs, as many other countries had banned such activities.

The Monte Carlo Casino is also known as one of the very first establishments to feature European Roulette, as designed by brothers François and Louis Blanc. Monaco’s finances and reputation grew at an alarming rate. Today, it hosts some of the glitziest, most glamorous casinos in all the world.

Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

If Las Vegas is the USA’s gambling center of the west, Atlantic City is definitely the east’s offering. Some of the country’s biggest and best casinos exist there, including Bally’s, Hard Rock Hotel, and Caesars.

Fun fact: Atlantic City was actually the inspiration for the Monopoly board game.

Even today, the city relies heavily on its gambling industry, making it a huge draw for gaming enthusiasts. It also plays host to the famous Boardwalk, while the casinos and gambling houses provide gaming options like poker, slots, and blackjack. Not only that, but any tourists visiting Atlantic City will be able to enjoy bars, restaurants, and beach life as well.

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