If you want to know how to get your first free bet at an online sportsbook, then it sounds as though you’re ready to enter the colorful world of sports betting. This can be an amusing hobby or a full-time job, depending on how much time and money you’re willing to dedicate, and you’ll come away with all manner of entertaining stories to tell your friends.

Getting a free bet is actually easier than you might think, and plenty of sites are willing to roll out the red carpet for their newest customers. This article discusses the best ways to go about getting your complimentary wager, as well as some of the surprises that await those who type “free sports bets” into the leading search engines.

Finding Free Betting Sites

Most sportsbooks offer some manner of free wager for first-time customers, as it serves as a great way to draw in new customers. Some of these are serious bettors getting involved with the online side of gambling for the first time, while others are just curious dabblers excited by the prospect of getting something for nothing.

If you’re smart, you’ll refrain from signing up with the first site you come across. Some sportsbooks are more reputable that others, so it’s imperative that you do your homework. The quality of betting lines should always be taken into consideration, and fans of lesser-known sports should make sure that their favorites are supported.

The most important consideration, however, involves the speed and quality of the payout process. Some online casinos and sportsbooks are notorious for delaying cashout requests, and these operations should always be avoided. The selection of deposit and withdrawal methods is also important, especially if you’re too lazy (or busy) to be running down to the local Western Union office every week.

Different Types of Free Bets Offered

If you decide to shop around at various sportsbooks looking for the best free betting offer, you’ll quickly come to the realization that each brand is going to offer a slightly different promotion. In order to give you an idea of what to expect, this section contains a few examples.

One leading sportsbook and casino I came across offered a trio of $10 wagers for anyone who made a $10 bet on a premier league soccer match. It then stated that terms and conditions applied, but I spent 10 minutes looking for those requirements and could never find them. The devil is in the details, so don’t ever accept one of these offers without a chance to read the fine print.

Another major European gambling site offered a $10 free bet and 10 complimentary spins on the Terminator 2 slot machine to anyone who made a $10 sports wagers. Unlike lots of other free bets being offered by competitors, this one was actually free and had no wagering requirements. Unfortunately, it was also available only to residents of the United States, which immediately disqualified me.

Google and Free Sports Bets

If you head over to Google and type in “free sports bets,” you’re going to be assaulted by over seven-million results. While their advanced algorithms are supposed to ensure that viewers only see the best and most relevant results, many of the top-ranking items are either going to suck or have nothing to do with the subject you’re interested in. Perhaps they’d do a better job if they spent less time trying to build a damn car that’ll drive itself.

Despite my gripes about Google, you’ll still manage to find thousands of relevant articles and sites involving free sports bets. Some of these deal with bonus bets, while others claim to offer promotional codes and special tricks for making free wagers. Take the latter with a grain of salt, as they often fail to live up to expectations.

Free Betting Sites

If you’re searching for free sports bets, you may also come across sites that provide “100% free wagers.” While some are nothing but scams and SEO trickery, others provide an interesting business model.

In the case of the latter, the customer has access to a wide range of betting lines and fantasy sports contests. Registration is free, and so are all the various bets that you can make. The players earn points for signing up and visiting the website, and these are used to place wagers instead of money.

The player also accumulates points for winning contests, whether they’re one-on-contests or massive tournaments. The points can’t be redeemed for cash, but they can be used to obtain a variety of merchandise. In some cases, various prizes are also offered to contest winners.

For those who are worried about the legality of online gambling, this sort of site offers a welcome alternative. Sure, it doesn’t have the thrill of winning or losing cash, but it’s also not going to get you in any trouble with a government agency.


When it comes to knowing how to get your first free bet at an online sportsbook, there’s no great trick or secret to be imparted. All that’s required is for the customer to sign up and sometimes make a deposit, and the chosen site takes care of the rest.

Some of these wagers are actually as free as they sound, although most come with some manner of strings attached. The most common catch involves a wagering requirement, forcing the customer to risk a multiple of the free amount before it can be withdrawn into the real world.

In addition to traditional sportsbooks, players may also stray across sites that allow wagers to be made without risking any cash. Money can’t be won on these sites, but it’s a fun (and legal) way to follow sports while perhaps picking up some cool prizes in the process.

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