Professional wrestling’s biggest show is just days away. Wrestlemania 35 is happening on April 7, 2019 at the Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. With a stacked card, the event looks to be another hit for the WWE and heaven for the betting public.

That said, let’s take a look at the odds from plus our picks for the matches slated for Wrestlemania 35:

“Fighting" Buddy Murphy ( c ) -300  vs Tony Nese +200

Buddy Murphy won the cruiserweight belt last October 6, 2018 in his native Australia. Nese is from New York and with the event being held at the MetLife Stadium, maybe it was but right to put him in this spot. Also, the fact that Murphy and Nese are friends is something the WWE could play around with. Other than those though, it feels like Murphy has more personality and appeal to lead the division, for now. Prediction: Buddy Murphy

“Fighting" Daniel Bryan ( c ) +200 vs Kofi Kingston -300

I don’t think Kofi Kingston was planned because Mustafa Ali was supposed to be at the Elimination Chamber match. However, the overwhelming support for Kingston probably forced the WWE to go this route., which is a sound idea because not only is it something different, I think Kofi deserves to get his due. Maybe they make Kingston a champion for  a while but maybe not at all. He’s getting the spotlight in this bout and I think that’s all that matters right now. Prediction: Daniel Bryan

“Fighting" Brock Lesnar ( c )  +130 vs Seth Rollins -170

We’ve been this road before last year but remember that Lesnar still walked away with the belt the last time out. Maybe Lesnar wins because the WWE wants Roman Reigns to regain the belt down the line, maybe at SummerSlam. But Seth Rollins is a figure who can headline Raw for years. His work inside the ring says he deserves another title run. And with UFC President Dana White recently hinting that DC vs Lesnar could be made soon, I hope the Beast Incarnate’s rule will be over after this . Prediction: Seth Rollins

“Fighting" Ronda Rousey ( c ) +300 vs Becky Lynch -400 vs Charlotte Flair +500

Ronda Rousey’s reign as champion hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down but the rise of Becky Lynch to superstardom over the past year is also undeniable. Neither is Charlotte Flair’s star power. Weighing all options, I always end up seeing Becky Lynch with the belt and making the full-time switch to Raw. But what about Ronda? I think Lynch ends up pinning Charlotte Flair and with Rousey not involved in the pinfall, her feud with Lynch should continue and perhaps get worse. Worse is best for the WWE. Prediction: Becky Lynch

“Fighting" Triple H -400 vs Batista +250

Batista walked out on Evolution at Wrestlemania XXX and although Triple H immediately replaced him with Seth Rollins, you know there was unfinished business there. We know that there is a Hollywood career waiting for Dave Bautista and we know that as an actor, he is smart enough to know there should be a script to make an exit. This is it, Batista’s last match and Triple H’s revenge. Prediction: Triple H

“Fighting" AJ Styles +125 vs Randy Orton -165

This one was hard to pick. Both are former champions and both can claim that he put Smackdown Live to where it is today. But with AJ Styles reportedly not keen on renewing his WWE contract later this year, look for the Phenomenal One to do everything in his power to make what could be his final Wrestlemania an unforgettable one. Prediction: AJ Styles

“Fighting" The Miz -300 vs Shane McMahon +200

After a failed attempt to recapture the tag team gold at Fastlane 2019, the Shane-O-Mac and The Miz partnership was doomed and this feud was inevitable. After Shane’s post-fight beatdown of The Miz, he called for this bout to settle the score. For a Wrestlemania though, this bout looks lame. But making it a “Falls Count Anywhere Match” may make it interesting. The Miz deserved better than this fight so I don’t think they’ll let him lose. Prediction: The Miz

“Fighting" Kurt Angle -250 vs Baron Corbin +170

Given Kurt Angle’s stature, I believe that it will take more than someone like Baron Corbin to send him to retirement. Corbin is a mid-card fighter in my books and doesn’t fit the bill. I think Angle wins and gets revenge on Corbin for feuding with him over the General Manager title. Prediction: Kurt Angle

“Fighting" Samoa Joe ( c ) -300 vs Rey Mysterio +200

Personally I would have loved to see Mysterio and Andrade settle their feud here. But that’s the plan. Mysterio has won the WWE championship, World Heavyweight title and WWE Tag team title during his legendary career. Wouldn’t a win here give the masked man a Grand Slam? And wouldn’t doing so at Wrestlemania make it more special? Prediction: Rey Mysterio

“Fighting" Bobby Lashley ( c ) +240 vs Finn Balor -380

Given how the WWE has allowed the intercontinental belt to switch hands several times in the last few months, you’ve got to believe that it’s going to happen again at Wrestlemania. When Finn Balor lost the belt a couple of weeks ago, I already knew that a rematch would be booked right away and in the biggest stage of all. Prediction: Finn Balor

“Fighting" Roman Reigns -300 vs Drew McIntyre +200

Given what Roman Reigns has been through just to get here, it’s hard to imagine him not getting a victory at Wrestlemania. But the Scottish Psychopath looks ready for big things ahead and a win over Reigns would help push him to main event status. A loss here wouldn’t hurt Roman Reigns stature. It will only make him a bigger underdog ready to rebound very soon. Prediction:  Drew McIntyre

“Fighting" WWE Women’s Tag Team Fatal 4-Way

Wrestlers Odds
Bayley & Sasha Banks -250
Beth Phoenix & Natalya +800
The IIconics +250
Nia Jax & Tamina +800

Banks & Bayley deserve to keep their title since they’ve been champions for just over a month now. But this isn’t a regular tag team match and because of that, I think the WWE is up to something here. Most of the duos that have fought for the women’s tag team title were formed just for the sake of fighting for the belt but the Ilconics are different because Billie Kay and Peyton Royce arrived here as a pair and have great chemistry. I think that’s what tag teams belts are all about. It won’t be bad for the Ilconics to win and set up a rivalry with Bank & Bayley after this event. Prediction: The Ilconics

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“Fighting" Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale

Wrestlers Odds
Braun Strowman +100
Curt Hawkins +1000
Rob Gronkowski +1600
Lars Sullivan +1600
Andrade +1600
Velveteen Dream +1600
Harper +2000
Kevin Owens +2000
Sami Zayn +2000
No Way Jose +2500
Bryan Wyatt +2500
Mojo Rawley +2500
Mustafa Ali +2500
Otis +2500
EC3 +2500
Kofi Kingston +2500

So far, the only confirmed participants are Strowman, Colin Jost and Michael Che so this one’s really a lucky pick if at all. The WWE isn’t going to think about  winner until maybe a couple of days before the event itself. Honestly, I don’t have an idea on who to pick. We don’t even know who’s gonna be here on April 7th. Here’s my two cents though: If Gronk is indeed joining the Battle Royale, I think he wins it with the help of Mojo Rawley. Remember Wrestlemania 33? It would be cool for Rawley to return the favor at Wrestlemania 35. Prediction: No idea. But I like Rob Gronkowski if he’s in.

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