The NBA’s 2019 Playoffs has hit the conference Finals. By June, we will be crowning an NBA Champion. Whether it’s going to be the Warriors or another team, that remains to be seen. The Pelicans won the 2019 NBA Draft lottery. They are likely going to pick Duke’s one and done freshman Zion Williamson. They are still expected to trade Anthony Davis too.

When all of the above are settled, the next agenda in the NBA would be the free agency period. Now this summer’s crop of free agents involve four major NBA stars who could be seriously moving elsewhere on July 1. We’re talking about the Golden State Warriors’ Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard of the Toronto Raptors, Kyrie Irving of the Boston Celtics and Jimmy Butler of the Philadelphia 76ers.

We’ve heard plenty of rumors surrounding these stars all-season long. Now that judgement day is nearing, let’s take a look at where they could be headed when the 2019 Free Agency period begins on July 1, 2019.

Basketball Where Will Kevin Durant Sign?

When Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder, he did so because he wanted to win that elusive title. He chose the easiest route by taking a payroll discount and signing with the Golden State Warriors. He’s won two rings and two Finals MVP in two seasons in the Bay Area and it seems this is the perfect place for KD to end his career. But life hasn’t been comfortable here. The pressure gets bigger each year and Durant has been labeled as a villain and called a snake for “taking the easy way out” of OKC.

Team to Sign Kevin Durant

  • Knicks -150
  • Warriors +100
  • Clippers +400
  • Lakers +400
  • Nets +400
  • Other +300

Odds from as of 5/17/19

Durant was one of the most loved stars in OKC, especially when he won the MVP. But now he’s one of the most hated stars in the league for joining Golden State. He’s tried to erase that notion, but to no avail. Early in the season, Durant and Draymond Green had a game-related argument and many said it was the ominous sign that would make Durant decide. KD can leave Golden State because he already has what he came there for. Now it’s time to re-build his image and finish his career as a hero, not a snake. The Warriors are also pressured in re-signing Klay Thompson so I think one of them will have to go. It would be tough to break up the Splash Brothers. There is no bigger city to rebuild his reputation than in the struggling Mecca of hoops. Prediction: Knicks -150

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Basketball Where Will Kawhi Leonard Sign?

While Kevin Durant’s body language can be read and his words can be interpreted, maybe not correctly but at least you can make something out of it, you can’t say the same for Kawhi Leonard. Leonard left San Antonio after he became unhappy about how the team went about with his quad injury. The Spurs traded him to Toronto because the Raptors had the best offer. When he first landed in Toronto, it was obvious that none of us believed he would stay in Canada beyond this season.

Team to Sign Kawhi Leonard

  • Clippers -150
  • Raptors +140
  • Lakers +200
  • Nets +400
  • Knicks +500
  • Other +300

Sure, Leonard said he preferred playing in California and that easily made the Lakers and Clippers as easy choices. There were also reports that said he preferred playing with the Clippers rather than play second fiddle to LeBron James with the Lakers. But remember that the Raptors have turned a page this postseason. Toronto finished two games behind Milwaukee for the best record in the league. They are playing the Bucks in the Eastern Conference Finals as we are writing this. Leonard hit the first Game 7 buzzer beater in NBA history, he is having one of the best performances in the playoffs ever and regardless of what happens to Toronto in the current series, there are plenty of reasons to stay. The Raptors traded for Marc Gasol, Pascal Siakam is blossoming into a star while Kyle Lowry, Danny Green and Serge Ibaka give them excellent support. I don’t think Leonard wants to leave because he has too many reasons to stay. He just wants to win. Prediction: Raptors +140

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Basketball Where Will Kyrie Irving Sign?

It was just last October when Kyrie Irving told Celtics fans that he wants to stay in Boston. But when Irving was asked the very same question last February, he told reporters to ask him again in July. The Boston Celtics were the betting favorites to rule the East this season but instead of breaking out with Kyrie and Gordon Hayward back, they struggled to find form and were ousted in round 2 of the playoffs by the Bucks.

Team to Sign Kyrie Irving

  • Knicks +100
  • Nets +150
  • Celtics +300
  • Lakers +300
  • Clippers +900
  • Mavericks +1200
  • Other +300

The Knicks traded Porzingis for Dennis Smith Jr. last season while Brooklyn has an all-star point guard in D’Angelo Russell. Reuniting with LeBron may be just a dream. Boston is likely going to pursue Anthony Davis this summer. Given Terry Rozier has said he wants out, Boston will need to add a few more pieces for their offer. I think the Celtics get AD or another superstar and Irving decides to stay. Prediction: Celtics +300

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Basketball Where Will Jimmy Butler Sign?

Jimmy Butler has been on the move in recent years. From Chicago, he moved to Minnesota last season and then asked to be traded again and was moved to the Sixers. Butler is one of the best two-way players in the league. He’s also one of the most vocal superstars around. So when he didn’t like how things were run in Chicago, he feuded with coach Fred Hoiberg and ended up getting traded to Minnesota. It looked like he would stay in Minnesota because former Bulls Coach Tom Thibodeau was there. But he didn’t like Karl Anthony Towns’ and Andrew Wiggins’ maturity so he asked to be traded again. He’s been in Philadelphia the entire 2019 season and yet we haven’t heard him complain. Or at least not yet.

Team to Sign Jimmy Butler

  • 76ers -175
  • Lakers +250
  • Nets +250
  • Knicks +500
  • Clippers +700
  • Mavericks +900
  • Pacers +900

With the Sixers, Butler is teamed with two of the league’s best young All-Stars in Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. The Sixers only got stronger when they traded for Tobias Harris and Boban Marjanovic during mid-season. I know the Sixers were eliminated by the Raptors in a thrilling Game 7 earlier this week but if you look at the news, Butler isn’t talking nor is he complaining. Remember when Embiid struggled during the series? Butler defended him by calling him the team’s best player. That’s something coming from big ego Jimmy Buckets. I think Butler realizes Philly’s potential and in a couple of years when Embiid and Simmons mature, they will be unbeatable. Jimmy wants to be there when that happens. Prediction: Sixers -175

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