Superstar singer and dancer Jennifer Lopez and retired baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez announced their engagement over the weekend.

Former New York Yankees star A-Rod popped the question during the couple’s latest trip to the Bahamas. The engagement comes weeks after the power couple celebrated their two-year anniversary last February 2nd. The two confirmed their relationship when they walked the red carpet together at the MET Gala in 2017.

This is the 4th marriage for Lopez and the second for Rodriguez. The American Idol judge was married to Ojani Noa from 1997-998 and then to Chris Judd from 2001-2003. Her third marriage to fellow singer Marc Anthony was her longest, from 2004 to 2014. Lopez has twins with Anthony-Max and Emme.

Alex Rodriguez was married to psychologist Cynthia Scurtis from 2002 to 2008. The two are divorced and have two daughters named Natasha Alexander and Ella Alexander. According to the couple, their kids have been getting along really well.

Almost immediately after the announcement of their engagement, prop bets related to J.Lo and A.Rod have started sprouting Here are some of the early prop bets related to the announcement of  J.Lo and A.Rod’s engagement. Odds were taken from as of 3/12/19:

J.Lo/A.Rod-Marriage Date

  • On or before March 9, 2020  -300
  • After March 9, 2020              +200

The couple are still mum about their wedding date. But because Jennifer Lopez has a US Tour scheduled to start on June 7 and will run until July 26, I don’t think the wedding is going to happen within a year because given her occupational duties plus the preparations for the big day, I’m saying it’s going to be later than we expect it. Pick: After March 9, 2020

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J.Lo/A.Rod- Color of J.Lo’s Dress

  • White               -1000
  • Any other Color +500

While these celebrities were born and raised in New York, no one can deny their Latino heritage and we know that the Latino culture is a traditional one and would rather stick to standards rather than create one. Pick: White

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J.Lo/A.Rod- First baby

  • Female    -150
  • Male        +120
  • Twins or more  +1000

A-Rod has two daughters, J-Lo has twins- a boy and a girl. With all the technology available and the finances they have to play god, I think they will go for a boy not only because they have “enough” girls already but because any legendary athlete would want a son to follow in his footsteps. Just my two cents here. Pick: Male

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J.Lo/A.Rod- Cost of marriage ring

  • Over   $2M -120
  • Under $2M-120

This one may be a giveaway unless an expert is off the mark with his estimate or was merely playing coy when he made a statement. We’ve seen the ring and Brandon Hill of the Steve Quick Jewellers told US Weekly that the ring is estimated to cost $1.4M with the diamond “looking around 15 carats, colorless and with the highest clarity”. Move quickly now before the bookies adjust the numbers once more experts are going to say their piece. Pick: Under $2M

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J.Lo/A.Rod  1st letter of baby’s name

  • Consonant  -120
  • Vowel          -120

I have no idea really and neither does anybody else. But since I’m rooting for the power couple to go for a boy who would continue A-Rod’s baseball greatness, then why not name him Alex Jr.? I can name at least 38 current or former MLB players who are Juniors of their fathers who also played pro baseball. So yeah, Alex Jr. Pick: Vowel

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J.Lo/A.Rod- weight of first baby

  • Over 8.2 pounds -120
  • Under 8.2 pounds -120

I did my homework here and found out that advanced maternal age increases the risk of lower birth weight. Really. Read this.I have no further comment as science has never been my field of expertise. Pick: Under 8.2 pounds

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J.Lo/A.Rod – Wedding destination

  • California +150
  • New York +175
  • Any other US State or Territory  +275
  • Any other country +300
  • Florida +750

The pair got engaged in Bahamas so while New York may be a sentimental favorite here, I”m going with any other country, with Bahamas as my top pick. With how in love the two are, the engagement stands as the most memorable day of their relationship. They might want to recreate that magical day with a tropical wedding in the Bahamas. Pick: Any other country

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