Yesterday was a rough day, although we still came out ahead. We hit on Avangar over G2, and lost on TyLoo and the parlay, which puts us at +60 for the day, and +124 for the tournament. These next couple of days have some tasty odds for us already, so hopefully we start making some more progress.

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The Bets

TyLoo (-154) – Avangar (+110)

TyLoo burned me yesterday, so I’m taking them over Avangar today. They played NRG close, which is especially impressive with NRG playing the way they’ve been playing recently. Avangar, on the other hand, have beaten G2 and Furia, which is far less impressive. This would be a good bet for a parlay, if you were so inclined.

Pick: Bet $200 on Avangar to win $508

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ENCE Win & Under 26.5 Rounds (+150)

This bet has already paid off on the first day of the event. ENCE has won both of their games in under 26.5 rounds, except for the two games they lost to Renegades yesterday. They should come back ready to go and will hopefully be playing with a fire that we haven’t seen from them yet. As long as Allu shows up, I see this as a lock.

Pick: Bet $150 on ENCE to win $375

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NiP & Fnatic Both to Win 2-0 +500

This is the Betway Boost for this round, which means they bumped the odds up from +480 to +500. For me, this bet depends entirely on how you feel about NiP. I clearly don’t have a ton of confidence in G2, as I hope you’ve picked up on by now.

You could make an argument that NiP’s biggest loss as a professional team, in the 6 years they’ve been playing the game, was to Vega on Cache in 2016, at the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier. I imagine that, even though the rosters have changed since then, that the loss will still be hanging over the Swedes.

Luckily for them, Vega haven’t looked so hot so far, although NiP is barely hanging in there. Vega have a -15 round differential, the worst at the Major so far besides Grayhound and Cloud9. Their only win was over Spirit, although they did have a close game in the first round against G2.

Pick: I’m going to put $200 down on this one, to win $1,000

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