The GET-ligaen is the premier ice hockey league in Norway organized by the Norwegian Ice Hockey Association. It is composed of 10 teams and works with a system of promotion and relegation were the bottom two teams in the league play the top two teams from the First Division for the right to play in the next GET-ligaen season.

The league was founded in 1934 and was known as the 1.division until 1990 when the top clubs broke away and formed the Eliteserien. Telecommunications giant UPC brought the naming rights for the league and in 2006, they renamed it as GET after the company’s new name.

Last season Valerenga won the GET-ligaen regular season while Stormharmar won the playoffs and were crowned as Norwegian champions. This season, Storhamar and the Stavanger Oilers are the top two hockey betting favorites to win the GET Ligaen.

Here are the odds to win the GET Ligaen 2019/20 season. These odds were taken from TitanBet as of 8/22/19:

Team Odds
Storhamar +175
Stavanger Oilers +250
Valerenga +350
Frisk Asker +1000
Lillehammer +2200
Sparta Sarpsborg +2200
Stjemen +10000
Manglerud Star +12500
Gruner +50000
Narvik +50000

“Hockey" Who Are The Favorites?

Storhamar Ishockey, or SIL for short, was founded in 1957 and hails from the city of Hamar. The club has won a total of seven regular-season titles and seven national championships since their involvement in the GET-ligaen. Last season, Storhamar won the Eliteserien with a club-best 108 points and went on to win the 2018 Norwegian Championship 4-1 over Lillehammer.

The Stavanger Oilers hail from Stavanger and were founded in 2000. The Oilers won three straight regular-season titles from 2015-17 and four straight Norwegian titles from 2014-17. Last season was a disappointment as they finished 6th in the league with just 65 points. In the postseason, they lost to Frisk Asker 1-4 in the quarterfinals.

Valerenga Ishockey from Oslo was founded in 1947 and has been one of the most dominant teams in Norwegian ice hockey since the 1960s. Overall, they have won 30 regular season titles and 26 national championships. They finished 5th in the Eliteserien regular season the last time out with 69 points. During the postseason, they lost 1-4 to Lillehammer.

Frisk Asker was founded in 1935 and was one of the dominant teams during the 70s era where they won two National Championships and four regular-season titles. While competing as the Frisk Tigers in the 2000s, they won two more trophies- one regular-season title and one National title.

Lillehammer Ishockey Club was founded in 1957 and has one National title in 1994. They finished 3rd in the 2018 Eliteserien with 88 points. They were beaten by Storhamar in last season’s finals.

“Hockey" Who Wins?

Storhamar is the logical choice here after its big win over Lillehammer in last season’s playoff final. They have finished in the Top 3 of the Elitserien regular season in three out of the last four years. Storhamar led the league in goals scored and goals allowed last season. Prediction: Storhamar

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