DreamLeague Season 10 will be the first Dota Pro Circuit LAN event of the 2018-2019 competitive season. This tournament is a Minor scheduled to take place right before its corresponding Major, The Kuala Lumpur.

Because the qualifiers for the Major have already taken place, most of the teams attempting to earn a ticket for DreamLeague Season 10 are not exactly tier 1. But in spite of this, the competition is still fierce. After all, the Minor only has 8 spots available so for most regions, only 1 team will make it through.

Betting predictions

Here are my top betting predictions for the DreamLeague Season 10 Qualifiers.

Team Spirit vs. Espada

Both of these teams are fairly on the same level of skill and have already met each other multiple times this year. So far, the score is 3 – 2 in favor of Team Spirit. In particular, the latest match between these teams ended with a victory for Spirit (2 – 0). Another reason why Team Spirit is much more likely to win this match has to do with its roster. The individual skill of its players is significantly higher than that of Espada.

Betting Prediction

Betway puts the odds for this match at 1.45 – 2.37 in favor of Team Spirit, assessing that Spirit has a big advantage over Espada going into this confrontation. This assessment certainly seems to be correct, not least because the first of these teams has had some pretty close matches recently, including a defeat (1 – 2) against one of the world’s best, Virtus.pro.

Betting prediction: Team Spirit to win.

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Team Lithium vs. Team Liquid

Team Lithium is a newly formed team that has surprised everyone and came very close to qualifying for The Kuala Lumpur Major. Unfortunately, it finished 4th and only the top 3 teams qualified, but along the way it clearly proved itself and showed that it can be a top contender in Europe. In particular, Team Lithium had 2 matches against Team Liquid in that qualifier, losing the first but winning the second. It also had two victories against MangoBay, which defeated Liquid in the DreamLeague Season 10 Qualifier, and madjor atendari.

On the other side, Team Liquid is in complete disarray at this point. The carry player is missing for some reason and that inevitably creates a lot of internal issues. Another problem seems to be the complete lack of motivation on the side of everyone in the team.

After its 4th place finish at The International, Team Liquid seems to have lost its desire to compete. And the remarkable thing is that the meta hasn’t changed all that much since then. We’ve only had a couple of relatively small patches, so much of what worked before is still viable at the highest level of competition. But for some reason Liquid simply can no longer win games against teams it would have absolutely crushed just a few months ago.

Betting Prediction

Betway puts the odds for this match at 2.60 – 1.40 in favor of Team Liquid, but I actually think that the situation is reversed. Based on what we’ve seen in recent weeks from both of these teams, the chance of an upset here is more than 50%. And that means you should definitely consider betting a smaller amount on the underdog.

Betting prediction: Team Lithium to win.

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ROOONS vs. Team Xolotl

These are two newly formed teams but one of them has much stronger players than the other. ROOONS is actually a stack formed by BSJ and monkeys-forever, who brought 3 talented Canadians in the mix. The fact that it’s led by such experienced competitors definitely gives it an edge over Team Xolotl, which is an all-Mexican team with 0 recognizable players in its roster.

Betting Prediction

Betway puts the odds for this match at 1.30 – 3.20 in favor of ROOONS, regarding Team Xolotl as a complete outsider at this point. Still, the returns are pretty high for a match with such a low chance of an upset.

Betting prediction: ROOONS to win.

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