Right off the bat, this is a low tier event. I haven’t even heard of half these teams, and I watch CS professionally. So, if you’re only in this to watch the titans do battle, this probably isn’t the event for you. But, if you enjoy watching close battles between upcoming teams, fertile grounds for making money, and average to below average production qualities, I think you might really enjoy DreamHack Open Tours 2019.

Located in beautiful Tours, France, this event will showcase some of the best tier two teams in Europe, which makes this tournament an invaluable resource for bettors. Picking up clues on these teams will pay dividends come European Minor time.

The tournament starts on May 17th, and includes a GSL style group stage that feeds into a single elimination bracket. I have highlighted the four best teams attending the event, and I am going to tell you a little about each. The field isn’t terribly competitive in Tours this year, which means picking the winner shouldn’t be hard.  Read our how to bet on CSGO guide.

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“Trophy" Teams


This is the first time we’ve seen G2 in a while. Their last LAN event was Charleroi Esports 2019, an eight team event hosted in their native France. If you didn’t watch it, which wouldn’t surprise me, it was not impressive. They lost their first game to Epsilon, and barely squeaked out of the group stage with wins over VP and GamersLegion. In the semi finals they were trounced by Vitality 1-2, with their only win coming in overtime on Overpass. kennyS had a good tournament, but that’s about all the positive things I can say.

This team still lacks a real IGL, and until they get one, things aren’t going to get better. G2 has been trying to build around shox for years now, and it hasn’t worked since 2016 in that crazy best of five against Luminosity. I’m sure you remember the series I’m talking about. Luckily for G2 the field at this tournament is subpar to say the least, which means they’ll likely make playoffs at least. But I can’t imagine they’ll do any serious damage once they get there.


This tournament should be Mouz’s coming out party. Pound for pound they have the most talented roster in attendance, not to mention the best IGL by a sizable margin. Not only should mousesports win this event, but it should be a highlight clip-palooza. Frozen, woxic, and ropz should all be styling on their opponents, dicing them up with surgical precision.

Mouz are going to win this tournament, and it won’t be close. This roster will start to pick up steam, and they’ll be regarded as one of the best in the world before the next Major. You can count on it.


I’m ecstatic that I get to see more of this team. They don’t make it to international competitions often, although it might be a stretch to call this tournament international. EspiranTo is someone I’m especially excited to watch compete. I remember being impressed by him at the Katowice minor, along with his teammate huNter. (Who is NiKo’s cousin if you didn’t know that already.)

If the groups break right, I could see Valiance making a run to the grand finals of this tournament. They could beat any team here in a best of one, except for maybe Mousesports. They even have a reasonably strong map pool, although it’s certainly inflated due to playing mostly tier two and three competition.The success of this team really lives and dies on huNter and EspirtanTo’s form, so keep an eye on them in the group stages to get a read on how they’re going to perform when they get deeper in the tournament.


Another team we haven’t seen in a long time, Ghost. Their last LAN was in January, where they toppled FaZe Clan in two best of ones and took Astralis to 14-16 in the second map of a best of three. Obviously neither of those results are terribly impressive, but this isn’t really a top tier team. They added freakazoid to their roster just two days before the IBP tournament, which means they are likely gelling better now than they were then.

This isn’t really a team that I feel any particular way about. They’ll likely pick up a win against one of the no name European teams, maybe make it out of their group if they get a good draw, but that’s all. Don’t expect them to pull of any series upsets, as their map pool is subpar, just like their players.

While AVANGAR and Windigo may get a little frisky, the odds of them making it out of groups are slim, barring some group luck. I like them for a first round upset over an unsuspecting G2 or Ghost, but consistent success likely isn’t in the cards for them.

This should be a Mousesports win, through and through. I’m actually really excited for this tournament, as I think Mouz is one of the more fun teams to watch right now. This event should give us an opportunity to gauge their level as a team, as they could be anywhere from fringe top 10 in the world, to a solid top five team, considering their pedigree.

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