As the Major draws to a close, we look forward to the next LAN event in CS. BLAST Pro Series Moscow is arriving soon, and we are here to make sure you’re prepped with all the information you need to wager on the penultimate BLAST event, before we move to the Global Final event in December.

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Date: 9/13/19 – 9/14/19

Location: Moscow

Format: Round Robin Group Stage, Bo3 Finals

Teams attending:

  • MIBR
  • ENCE
  • Na’Vi
  • NiP
  • Vitality
  • CIS play in

The toughest part of making predictions for this event is taking into account roster moves that wil take place before then. At least half of these teams will be playing with changed rosters from Berlin, maybe more. Projecting what those teams will look like based on their play with their current rosters is a tricky job, but hey, that’s why I’m here. Odds by as of 9/5/19.

“Trophy" Na’Vi (+225)

Na’Vi have been one of the best rated teams at the Berlin Major. While s1mple hasn’t been his normal self, posting a measly 1.22 Rating in the New Legends stage, electronic has surpassed him in the eight maps they played. When electronic is putting up a 1.42 Rating, that means good things for Na’Vi.

There have been rumors that Na’Vi is hunting for a replacement for Zeus, but I would be surprised if Na’Vi makes the change by the time BLAST Moscow rolls around. It doesn’t look like they’re eyeing anyone in particular yet, which leads me to believe that they’ll be using the same roster that they are using in Berlin.

Na’Vi is at its best when all the pieces are functioning at their best. Obviously that’s true of all teams, but for Na’Vi especially. When the supporting cast around s1mple does their job, Na’Vi are very scary in the server.

“Trophy" Vitaity (+250)

Vitality are probably the team lease likely to make a roster change. Unless G2 disbands and KennyS becomes available, it doesn’t seem like there are any upgrades available in the French scene.

Luckily for ZywOo and Co., it doesn’t look like they need the help either. They flew through the New Legends Stage, albeit with a series dropped to ENCE, and they look ready to dominate international competition on the back of their young superstar ZywOo.

While the young Frenchman has been not as great as you might expect in Berlin, he has still had his fair share of unbelievable games. Alongside his trusty number two apEX, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them making a deep run in Moscow.

“Trophy" ENCE (+300)

ENCE are one of the scariest looking teams in this bunch. Allu and sergej are the two highest rated players in Berlin through the New Legends stage, and they are set to bring in suNny for this event.

While I’m not terribly pleased about the roster move (you can read my thoughts more in depth here [link the ence piece]), I have faith in them to pull through in a field that looks like this. I see the new look ENCE squad as a competitor to Liquid and Astralis, which would make them favorites in my eyes.

This does depend pretty heavily on the form that suNny’s in, which is questionable at best. He will likely be rusty, having gone like nine months since his last game of professional CS. On the other hand, events after a team kicks their IGL for a star fragger usually turn out well. Aleksib’s system will live on for a little while, and the added firepower will make ENCE formidable.

“Trophy" MIBR (+650)

MIBR are another wild card. They’ll be playing with KNG, a Brazilian AWPer that I like a lot. He was one of the biggest pieces of the Immortals squad that made the Grand Finals of the PGL Major. MIBR looks fun without coldzera, and oddly enough I don’t think that losing him will have as big of an impact as you might think.

KNG is an incredibly talented player. Once he’s integrated with the system, assuming FalleN can work his magic like he has in the past, MIBR could start to look terrifying.

Unfortunately, I don’t know if they’ll have enough time. How well integrated will KNG be by the time BLAST Pro Moscow rolls around? It’s impossible to know. At +650 though, I kind of like it.

“Trophy" NiP (+650)

NiP are the final team that will be attending with a new player. They played in Berlin with Golden as a standin, and will be adding plopski for BLAST Pro Moscow. The Ninjas looked hopeless in Berlin, bumbling their way to an 0-3 finish, which is not a good look. I can’t imagine that plopski is going to be able to turn this team around in between their last place exit and the event in Moscow.

All five of NiP’s players were in the bottom third of players in Berlin, with an extreme outlier performance from f0rest. He ranks dead last in Rating, with a 0.54 over four maps. I’d imagine he’ll bounce back in Moscow, but the Swedes have fallen on hard times.

This is about as imprecise as you can get as a Counter Strike bettor. These teams are in a state of disarray, and we don’t really know what they’ll look like coming into Moscow. For my money, I like ENCE at (+300). The allu sergej duo is looking better and better the longer they play together. Those two combined with suNny and a (hopefully) reinvigorated Aerial should put them in a solid position to take the trophy home.

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