With the 145th running of the Kentucky Derby less than 10 days away, proposition bets have popped out from various betting sites.

As per mybookie.ag as of 4/25/19, there are so many prop bets available for you to bet. You can check the site if you want. For your convenience, we picked out several Kentucky Derby prop bets that could be interesting to you. If you need some horse racing betting tips the check our our guide.

“Trophy" Will Secretariat’s record of 1:59.4 be broken?

  • Yes +1000
  • No -2500

No Kentucky Derby winner has run under two minutes since Monarchos did 1:59.97 in 2001. Monarchos is the only other horse to run under two minutes in the Kentucky Derby. From time to time, there will be a horse who comes to the Kentucky Derby with plenty of hype and as huge favorites. These dominant horses are the ones who may be able to break that record. This year, there is no heavy favorite of that kind so I don’t think that record will be broken this year.

Prediction: No

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“Trophy" Gate the Kentucky Derby Winner Starts From?

  • Gates 1-10 -225
  • Gates 11-20 +165

Gate #5 has the most wins at 10 the last of which was Always Dreaming in 2017. On the other hand, Gate #10 has produced nine winners including Secretariat in 1973. Gates 1 & 8 have produced 8 winners each while Gate 2 has seven winners. On the other hand, the winningest Gates after Gate 10 are 13 & 16. Nyquist won from Gate 13 in 2016 while Orb (2013) and Animal Kingdom (2011) won from Gate 16. Also, it’s worth noting that American Pharaoh (2015) won from Gate 18 and I’ll Have Another (2012) won from Gate 19. That makes five winners from Gates 11-20 since 2011.

Prediction: Gates 1-10

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“Trophy" Color of the Winning Horse?

  • Bay +100
  • Gray +200 ,
  • Chestnut +400
  • Dark Bay/Brown +400

Game Winner, Maximum Security and War of Will are Bay colts while Roadster and Tacitus are Gray colored horses. On the other hand, Improbable, Vekoma, and Code of Honor are Chestnut colts while Omaha Beach and Win Win Win are Dark Bay/Brown. To summarize three of the Top 10 favorites are colored Gray and another three are Chestnut colts. There are two Grays and two Dark Bay in the Top 10 as well. Going by these, it’s either Bay or Chestnut for me. I’ll pick Bay because both Game Winner and Maximum security are of that color.

Prediction: Bay

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“Trophy" Winning Horse Name Starting Letter?

  • A-I -115
  • J-Z -125

As of 4/25/19 at Bovada, the Top 10 favorites for the 2019 Kentucky Derby are Roadster, Omaha Beach, Game Winner, Maximum Security, Improbable, Tacitus, Vekoma, Code of Honor, Win Win Win and War of Will.

There are only three horses here whose name has an initial starting from letter A-I and these are Game Winner, Improbable and Code of Honor. That means seven out of the Top 10 favorites belong to the other group. 70% seems like a nice percentage for me so I’ll go with that.

Prediction: J-Z

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“Trophy" Will Tom Brady and Gronk Attend The 2019 Kentucky Derby?

  • Tom Yes, Gronk No +200
  • Tom No, Gronk Yes +400
  • Tom No, Gronk No +600
  • Tom Yes, Gronk Yes -200

Tom Brady has been a regular at the Kentucky Derby but last year’ he wasn’t at Churchill Downs. Meanwhile, Gronk is known to party in Louisville during the Kentucky Derby and last year, he bought stock in a horse named after him. Last February, Kentucky Derby Festival Mike Berry asked Brady to be the Grand Marshall in the Pegasus Parade- the event held on the Thursday before the Kentucky Derby. However, it was reported earlier this month that a team of Marvel superheroes will be the grand marshals of this year’s parade. That doesn’t mean though that Brady’s not coming. As for Gronk, if this were a Party, not a Derby, I would say yes.

Prediction: Tom Yes, Gronk no +200

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“Trophy" Will Jennifer Lawrence attend the 2019 Kentucky Derby?

  • Yes -500
  • No +300

Jennifer Lawrence is a local and she attended the opening night of Derby Week. But she wasn’t there for the race itself. She was in her home state of Kentucky because her Jennifer Lawrence Foundation was one of the partners for the Awards in Arts ceremony along with the Funds for the Arts and Churchill Downs. She was one of the presenters so that was the main reason she was there.

Prediction: No

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“Trophy" Will Josh Brolin attend the 2019 Kentucky Derby?

  • Yes -120
  • No -120

While I think that a big sporting event like the Kentucky Derby would be a good place to “expose” the man behind Thanos from the movie Avengers: Endgame movie, I don’t think the movie even needs to be advertised, even for free. Why not? It’s probably the most highly anticipated movie of all-time and is a sure blockbuster whether Brolin shows up at the Derby or not. So since he isn’t known to go there, I don’t think this year will be different.

Prediction: No

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“Trophy" Will A Kardashian attend the 2019 Kentucky Derby?

  • Yes -700
  • No +350

Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian attended the 135th Kentucky Derby in 2009 but other than that, I have not heard of a Kardashian appearance at Churchill Downs. We know that this family loves the limelight and these girls love to be the center of attention. But the Kentucky Derby may not be the venue where they can get all the attention they need because after all, people go there to watch the race and don’t care what they wear if they wear anything at all. So, I don’t think so.

Prediction: No

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