It’s time again for one of my favorite events, cs_summit 4. The competition looks fierce, the side events will be a blast, the youtube videos and commentary will be funny as always. This grouping of teams actually makes for a really fun games, as everyone will be trying to dethrone Liquid, who look much more vulnerable than Astralis and Na’Vi.

The event’s format hasn’t actually been announced yet, but historically the event has used a double elimination bracket, all best of threes until a best of five final. You can tune in to watch starting on May 23rd.

Below are some summaries on the teams competing, the level they’re at compared with the other teams in attendance, and some general betting advice for cs_summit 4.

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“Trophy" Teams

Liquid +195

The obvious favorite at this event, Liquid have some history here at the summit house. cs_summit 2, back in 2018, was one of Liquid’s first big tournament wins, and their first win with their newly revamped roster. By now we are several roster changes and a little over a year removed, but this event likely still holds a special place in Liquid’s collective heart. They weren’t invited to cs_summit 3, so this is their first chance to reup on the title that kicked off their run as a top five team in the scene.

Liquid obviously has the best pedigree of the six teams that were invited. They have the second best player overall, behind ZywOo, the most championship experience, and the best resume over the last six months. By all metrics, this is their event to lose, and I’m sure they feel the same way.

ENCE +325

ENCE are arguably the second favorite at the event. They’ve got their core of allu and sergej, which is one of the sneaky best duos in Counter Strike since the Major. They have the same K/D over their last 95 games, sitting at 1.19. Aleksib has consistently been at top eight IGL since Katowice, leading ENCE to close games and strong tournament appearances. ENCE’s resume over the last three months is impressive, they’ve beaten pretty much every relevant team in the scene minus Astralis. Luckily for them, Astralis isn’t attending cs_summit.

This tournament could also be the last gasp for Aerial, especially if he and the team perform poorly at BLAST Pro Madrid. The specter of suNny looms large over the Finnish super team, and everytime Aerial no-shows an important match for ENCE, it feels likelier and likelier that suNny will be taking his place.

If he does, this team will get exponentially scarier. Not only is suNny quite a bit better than Aerial, he should mesh with the team perfectly. ENCE are in need of another star fragger to pair with sergej, as having your AWPer be your second best player makes life a lot harder.

Vitality +425

I haven’t seen much from Vitality since Katowice. Their only international LAN since then was StarSeries, so let’s take a look at their performance and see what their levels might be coming into beautiful sunny California. In the group stage they had wins over BIG, ENCE, and Spirit, with a loss to Fnatic. This earned them a spot in the quarter finals, where they lost 0-2 to NRG in an overtime slobberknocker.

Like you might expect, ZywOo was planted firmly in the top 10 players at the event, although not as high as you might like. The more important statistic is NBK’s placement on the leaderboard. He didn’t even sniff the top 20, much less the top 10, and he was the second best performing player from Vitality. As has been the case for the Frenchmen, the supporting cast is where they are likely to find problems. Vitality’s performance at any given tournament hinges largely on how NBK and APEX are feeling that day. If they play well in Cali, Vitality becomes a legitimate threat to contend for a first place finish. If not, we will get to watch ZywOo stat pad as his team flounders.

NRG +500

I need to talk to NRG for a second, if you don’t mind.

Come on NRG, please. I keep pulling for you, and you keep letting me down. Your new roster looks great, on paper you’re the second best team in NA and it isn’t close. But everytime I try to hype you up, you collapse on me and I look silly. Summit is a low pressure environment. You’re playing on LAN, it’s relaxed, there’s no crowd. Just, try and make playoffs for me? Can you do that? Please?

CeRq, Brehze, Ethan, Tarik, all of these guys are top 10 talents in NA at least. This is the kind of tournament that a stacked lineup like this should be able to dominate. I imagine they only have a few more tournaments left before we see a roster change, but even then I’m not sure how this team gets much better. There aren’t many IGLs available on the market right now, so maybe picking up a more dedicated support player?

Renegades +500

I’m honestly not sure how I feel about Renegades. They have respectable enough results since the Major, with wins over MIBR, FaZe, NiP, a close series with Na’Vi. But then at Sydney, they drown in pools, the whole team looks flat, it’s just a mess. If I had to guess, I’d put them at maybe number 10 in the world right now?

For the purposes of this event I like them as a single map upset team. They could steal a map from an unsuspecting Liquid or ENCE, but I doubt we’ll see them making a deep run here.

Ghost +2000

Ghost haven’t played enough games over the past six months for me to have any idea of their level. My default guess would be not very good though. Their roster is mostly cast offs from tier one NA, including fan favorites like three years past his prime freakazoid and “I couldn’t hack it in international competition” koosta, all led by an IGL who hasn’t played in a real tier one LAN in years.

They’ll make some funny skits while they’re there, which is nice, but they’re unlikely to make the same level of impression in the server.

This event should generate some incredible series. Liquid, ENCE, NRG, and Vitality will all play each other at least close to even, which will make for some killer matchups. My pick for this event is ENCE at +325, as I still am not totally sold on Liquid as a group of killers, and this should be a good tournament from Aerial, assuming he wants to keep his job.

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