The Austrian Football Second League is the new name for the Austria 2.Liga which was also previously known as the Austrian First League from 2002-2018. The competition is the second highest division in Austrian professional football.

Beginning the 2018-19 season, the league changed its name to the Austrian Football Second League and expanded from 10 teams to a total of 16. The league champion is promoted to the Austrian Bundesliga while the bottom three teams in the Austrian Football Second League are relegated to regional leagues in the East, Central, and West.

Soccer Promotion and Relegation

The destination of the clubs relegated from the Second League depends on which state of the Federal Republic it is a member of, whether it is in the East, Central and West. Meanwhile, the champions of the three regional leagues are promoted to the Second League. However, their participation in the Second League depends on their licensing by the fifth Senate of the federal league. If the license is refused for some reason, one or fewer teams will be relegated.

SV Horn, SKU Amstetten, FK Austria Wien II, SV Lafnitz, SK Vorwärts Steyr, FC Juniors OÖ, SK Austria Klagenfurtand FC Wacker Innsbruck II were promoted to the league in 2018-19 either by competitive promotion or by application to the league during its expansion. As a result of the expansion, no team was relegated to the regional leagues in 2018-19. Relegation will resume during the 2019-20 season.

Linzer Athletik-Sport-Club or LASK Linz is the most successful club in the Austrian Second League with five titles won. Grazer Athletiksport Klub or Grazer AK and 2017-18 winner FC Waker Innsbruck each have three titles. The 2018-19 season winner was WSG Wattens or WSG Swarovski Tirol.

WSG Wattens won 19 games, lost 3 and drew 8 out of their 30 games played last season to finish on top of the table with 65 points. They finished two points ahead of SV Ried who had 18 wins, 3 losses and 9 draws for a total of 63 points. SV Ried was the best team during the regular season with a total of 61 goals scored and only 21 goals allowed.  WSG

Wattens and SV Ried were a class better than the rest of the league last season. That’s because the third ranked team in the table only had 50 points or 13 fewer than second-placed SV Ried. With WSG Wattens promoted to the 2019-20 Austrian Bundesliga, SV Ried is the favorite to win the 2019-20 Austrian Football Second League title.

Here are the complete soccer betting odds to win the 2019-20 Second League title. Odds were taken from TitanBet as of 7/15/19:

Player Odds
Ried +250
Wacker Innsbruck +250
Grazer AK +400
Austria Lustenau +700
FC Liefering +900
Floridsdorfer AC +1400
Kapfenberger +1600
FC Juniors OO +2000
Austria Klagenfurt +2500
FC Linz +2500
Lafnitz +2500
Austria Wien (A) +3300
Sku Amstetten +3300
FC Dornbirn 1913 +4000
SV Horn +5000
Vorwaerts +5000

Soccer Who Are The Favorites?

SV Ried was relegated from the Austrian Bundesliga after the 2016-17 season. The club from Ried im Innkreis in Upper Austria was 4th in their first season in the Second League and were 2nd during the 2018-19 season and were two points shy of being promoted back to the Austrian Bundesliga. Despite missing out on the promotion, SV Ried led the Second League with the most goals scored with 61 and fewest goals allowed with 21.

Wacker Innsbruck considers themselves as the continuation of the former FC Tirol Innsbruck which became bankrupt in 2002 and the FC Wacker Innsbruck which was founded in 1913 and dissolved in 1999. However, this is a different club. This particular Wacker Innsbruck finished last in the 2018-19 Austrian Bundesliga with just 4 wins, 13 losses and five draws for a total of 17 points during the season.

Grazer AK was one of the most successful Austrian clubs from 1995-2005. They won the Austrian Cup in 2000, 2002 and the “double” in 2004 where they won not just the Cup but the Austrian title. The club has since been relegated and was dissolved in 2012. Shortly after their dissolution, a new team was created to compete in the regional leagues. In 2018-19, Grazer AK finished on top of the Regionalliga Mitte to earn promotion to the Second League.

Austria Lustenau finished 3rd in the 2018-19 Austrian Football Second League. The club won 14 games, lost 8 and had 8 draws for a total of 50 points last season. However, they were a far 13 points behind second placer SV Ried and 15 points behind winner WSG Wattens. Austria Lustenau finished 6th during the 2017 season and 3rd during the 2016 season.

Soccer Who Wins?

Coming from the Austrian Bundesliga Wacker Innsbruck are considered among the top favorites to win the 2019-20 Austrian Football Second League. SV Ried meanwhile finished second in the Second League last season and was just two points behind the winners WSG Wattens.

When you take a look at the 2018-19 Austrian Football Second League standings, SV Ried was the best team in both offense and defense, leading the league in goals scored and goals allowed. Likewise, when you look at the 2018-19 Austrian Football Second League table, SV Ried and the 2019 champions WSG Wattens were over 10 points ahead of the rest of the pack. Prediction: SV Ried

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