DOTA Summit 9 is entering its Playoffs Stage today and the Dota 2 betting opportunities it offers are excellent. All 6 teams are still in the tournament but only 2 of them will play in the Upper Bracket. The other 4 are facing potential elimination in their next match.

Betting predictions

OpTic Gaming vs. Fnatic

OpTic Gaming may have been created less than a year ago, but in this short year it has established itself as one of NA’s powerhouses. Overall, OpTic Gaming has had an exceptional first season, ending the Dota Pro Circuit in 9th place with no less than 1800 points. The team reached its peak a few months ago, winning StarLadder ImbaTV Invitational Season 5 and then finishing 2nd at the ESL One Birmingham 2018 Major.

In the Group Stage of DOTA Summit 9, OpTic finished 4th with a record of 4 W – 6 L. The team won against LDI, drew against Fnatic and paiN Gaming and lost against VGJ.Storm and Evil Geniuses.

In spite of being the second best team in the SEA region and ending the Dota Pro Circuit in 12th place, Fnatic struggled in the Group Stage of DOTA Summit 9, ending in 5th place with a record of 4 W – 6 L. However, the team got a very surprising win against Evil Geniuses on the 3rd day of the event, proving that its formidable roster is definitely capable of great things.

Going into this match, OpTic Gaming is slightly favored to win on the basis of its recent performances and head to head results against Fnatic. OpTic won its last two matches against the SEA team and will likely do so again today.

Betway puts the odds at 1.50 – 2.40 in OpTic’s favor, being seemingly unimpressed with Fnatic’s recent victory against Evil Geniuses and counting on the fact that pdd may have Fnatic’s number.

Betting Prediction

OpTic Gaming to win

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Evil Geniuses vs. VGJ.Storm

Evil Geniuses looks nothing like the team it used to be throughout the regular season. EG struggled all year to get important results at Dota Pro Circuit LAN events and ultimately had to play in Open and Regional Qualifiers to earn its ticket to The International 2018. But now, after its latest roster changes, this former TI champion seems to be firing on all cylinders. The addition of s4 and Fly to the team has boosted its performance in a massive way, although some flaws and weaknesses still exist.

In the Group Stage of DOTA Summit 9, EG won against VGJ.Storm, paiN Gaming and OpTic Gaming, drew against LDI and suffered a surprising defeat against Fnatic. Combined, these results allowed it to finish 1st in the standings table and have the chance to qualify for the Grand Final by winning just one match in the Playoffs.

VGJ.Storm went into DOTA Summit 9 as the number one contender for the title. Its start was slow, with a 0 – 2 defeat against Evil Geniuses, but then the team went on to win against paiN Gaming, OpTic Gaming and Fnatic. On day 3, it drew against LDI.

Overall, VGJ.Storm finished the first edition of the Dota Pro Circuit in 10th place and its performance in recent months has been exceptional. With this new roster, VGJ.Storm is a formidable opponent for almost any other team and should be regarded as a top contender at every event.

Going into this match, EG is slightly favored to win. Arteezy and his squad proved their superiority over their regional rivals from VGJ.Storm on the first day of DOTA Summit 9, and we’re likely going to see them triumph again.

Betway puts the odds at 1.55 – 2.30 in favor of Evil Geniuses, but I think these odds do not entirely reflect the real situation. And in fact, at these odds, you might want to bet a smaller amount on the underdog, because the chance of an upset is much higher than these odds suggest.

Betting Prediction

VGJ.Storm to win (45% upset chance)

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paiN Gaming vs. LDI

Odds: to be announced on

After the addition of w33 (midlaner) to the roster, paiN Gaming started to experience success, finishing 3rd at a Major: ESL One Birmingham 2018. Since then, the team also brought in MISERY, EG’s former captain, as their coach. And so far, the results have been pretty good. In spite of its slow start at DOTA Summit 9, paiN Gaming finished 3rd after the Group Stage. Overall, the team lost against VGJ.Storm and Evil Geniuses, drew against OpTic Gaming and won against LDI and Fnatic.

On the other side, Let’s Do It (LDI) is the former Team Kinguin roster that got released at the end of June. This is a fairly strong team made up of experienced Polish players and in spite of being weaker than the other 5 teams present at this event, it can still pose challenges to any of them.

Overall, LDI finished the Group Stage in 6th place with a score of 3 W – 7 L. The team drew against Evil Geniuses, VGJ.Storm and Fnatic, but lost against OpTic Gaming and paiN Gaming. In particular, this later loss gives us important clues about how this rematch will likely end up.

Betting Prediction

paiN Gaming to win

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