Week six of the 2014 NFL season has arrived. More importantly, we finally got a good game on Thursday Night Football. After five straight weeks of the prime time affair ending in a lopsided score, the Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts came together for a heated AFC South battle that ended in a close score. Indy almost ran away with it with a 24-0 lead after the first period, but the Texans stormed back and barely lost on their home field, 33-28.

As always, there’s more to TNF than just the score or the records of either team (Indy moved up to 4-2, Houston dropped to 3-3). Let’s break down some key notes from last night’s NFL action:

Andrew Luck is Awesome

Luck did lose a fumble late and also threw a pick, but so what? He also helped build a crazy 24-0 lead and at least for one half, executed nearly flawlessly on the road against a solid Houston defense. More importantly, he put up over 300+ passing yards an impressive fifth time in six games. Much like Hansel, he is so hot right now.

So is Arian Foster

Foster is equally impressive, as he has now churned out an insane four 100+ yard rushing days in just five appearances on the road. Houston is just 2-2 in said games, but it’s not because Foster isn’t crushing the opposition. If Houston had an actual quarterback, his ridiculous running displays probably wouldn’t be going waste so much.

T.Y. and A.J. Finally Score

Both T.Y. Hilton and Andre Johnson are the top receiving threats on their respective teams, yet they both entered this TNF matchup with zero receiving touchdowns. That’s pretty inexcusable, but at least both teams correct the gaffe last night. Both Hilton and Johnson finally did catch a touchdown to end their painful droughts, while Hilton even amassed over 220 receiving yards on the night.

J.J. Watt is a TD Machine

Watt returned his second defensive touchdown of the year on Thursday night thanks to Andrew Luck fumbling the ball, and in that same breath also found pay dirt for the third time, overall (he caught a touchdown in week two). Those three scores now give Watt, a defensive player, more touchdowns than Calvin Johnson and LeSean McCoy combined. Color us impressed.

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