The Colts topped the Texans in Houston on Thursday night, setting week six of the 2014 NFL season off officially. There’s much more pro football action coming our way, though, as several intense matchups are lined up for the masses to see. More importantly, there are some games with some lines that just beg to be bet on.

After taking a look at all of the spreads, we’ve got four picks that could be worth taking a look at this week:

Jacksonville Jaguars over Tennessee Titans (Titans favored: -5)

Both of these teams are terrible. Like, really, really bad. Charlie Whitehurst versus Blakes Bortles. That’s not a joke. That’s the quarterback matchup. There’s not a lot of reason to pick the Jaguars to upset the Titans, other than they’re hungry for their first win and they’re facing the Titans. That’s good enough for me.

Carolina Panthers over Cincinnati Bengals (-6.5)

Carolina has been terrible on defense lately and their offense really hasn’t been much better. However, the Bengals may have gotten exposed a bit last week after getting pounded 43-17 by the Patriots. Cincy is the clear favorite at home and they’re probably the better team, but a desperate Panthers team might be worth betting on.

Upset to Chase: Dallas Cowboys over Seattle Seahawks (-8.5)

This isn’t the biggest upset for the week, but it’s the one to chase. Dallas seems to be a pretty underrated 4-1 team right now, while Seattle seems to be fairly overrated. The Seahawks don’t usually lose in Seattle, but there’s just something interesting about this Cowboys team.

New York Jets over Denver Broncos (-9.5)

Geno Smith and the Jets have been awful. At first we thought they were just a shaky team running into bad matchups. Then they got shutout in week five. Yikes. There’s always next week, and it comes in New York against the Broncos. It’s not the upset to chase, but the line is.

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