This has been a pretty crazy NFL season. We’re just two weeks in and insane upsets, injuries and off field issues have left us with enough conversation to get us through the rest of the year. The Browns beat the Saints and the Chargers upended the defending Super Bowl champion Seahawks – in Seattle.

Yeah, this isn’t what we expected. But it’s what we want, and we need more.

Keep the faith, NFL fans, as week three could potentially offer much more of the craziness we’ve been seeing. It may be a slight reach, but there are at least four interesting contests that could go the opposite way most would anticipate. To get us ready to a probably unbelievable week three, let’s unleash this week’s NFL Picks by picking four upsets:

Bears Over Jets (Line: -3)

Chicago barely lost a tight overtime game to a seemingly good Bills team and then came back in wild fashion to bear the 49ers on the road. They’ve got some gusto. Meanwhile, the Jets barely beat a sorry Raiders team and blew an 18-point lead against the Packers. They can’t defend the pass at all right now and Chicago just happens to have an awesome passing game. And the Bears are the underdog? Really?

Chiefs Over Dolphins (Line: -4)

KC is understandably the underdog here, but not really. Miami looked awful last week and KC actually played the Broncos pretty darn close in week two. They might be without Jamaal Charles, but Miami is without their entire starting linebacking corps. I like the Chiefs’ chances to keep themselves from going 0-3.

Broncos Over Seahawks (Line: -5)

Seattle just got dominated in a sense by the San Diego Chargers and Peyton Manning and co. haven’t forgotten their 43-8 drubbing in last year’s Super Bowl. Denver should keep it close, while there’s that slight possibility they’re so pissed off they come and kick the ‘Hawks around their home field like we haven’t seen anyone do in years.

Upset to Chase – Vikings Over Saints (Line: -10)

I’m not actually totally sold on an Adrian Peterson-less Vikings team coming into New Orleans and sending the Saints to 0-3 in their home opener. But I’m not saying it can’t happen, either. Minnesota showed they can play some solid defense the past two weeks (their blowout loss to the Pats last week had much more to do with their offense), while the Saints haven’t been able to stop anyone. Also, they just lost to the friggin’ Browns last week.

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