We’re just one week into the 2014 NFL season, and yet week two could spell the end for a select few teams. Statistically speaking, of course. The Ravens faced an ugly fate last night, and had they lost, they would have started the year 0-2 inside their own division. Had that happened, they would mathematically had roughly a 12% chance in making the playoffs.

Starting 0-2, just in general, is never good. There are a few teams that might be able to withstand a slow start. Whether it be a weak division, a soft schedule or just that they’re so awesome we could never count them out just yet. The Patriots, Packers and Saints are three that come to mind. They all started 0-1, but even if they lose this week, no one will be calling for their head coach’s head or suggesting they’ll be picking #1 overall in next year’s draft.

But there are some teams that, should they drop to 0-2, have enough problems that a sluggish start could easily turn into a season soon to be forgotten. Let’s see who and why as we make the call for who will win the games those teams are in:

Indianapolis Colts

No one could fault the Colts for losing in Denver in week one, but dropping their week two battle to the Eagles? Well, that could be disastrous. It could be especially bad if the Texans and Titans (both 1-0) stay undefeated. Suddenly Indy would be the third or fourth best team in what was supposed to be a cakewalk division. Andrew Luck and co. would be best served to hold the fort down at home and get to 1-1.

Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City went from awful to awesome last year and if they’re not careful, they could be headed write back to awful in 2014. The Chiefs barely showed up in an embarrassing 26-10 loss to the Titans at home last week, and now they get Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. On the road. It’s a brutal matchup for a team that just doesn’t look nearly as good as they did in 2013. They could be in some serious trouble.

Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo missed most of the summer while recovering from back surgery, and in week one it showed. Losing to a good 49ers team isn’t all that bad, but Dallas got dominated in their own stadium. If Romo and co. can’t get back on track this week against a surprisingly solid Titans team, their 2014 season could very easily be in danger.

Chicago Bears

Jay Cutler threw two costly picks and Chicago blew their home opener in a 23-20 loss to the Bills last week. Obviously that shocked everyone, and now Chicago is suddenly tasked with trying to upset the 49ers. That’s just not very likely to happen.


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