In our weekly NFL picks article, we don’t give you four locks, we give you four shots at glory. Once again we head into the fire in week 11, with four realistic shots at beating the spread or picking straight up and using the odds in your advantage to win big.

Here are four NFL games worth betting on if you’re feeling ambitious this week:

Raiders over Chargers (Line: -10)

Oakland hasn’t won a game all year, but this might be their best shot with the Chargers reeling in the midst of a three-game skid. San Diego is losing control of their season and now they have to come face the Raiders in Oakland in a divisional battle. AFC West games are impossibly to predict, so you could do worse things than bet on the Raiders this week.

Bengals over Saints (-7)

New Orleans is usually pretty good at home, but the 49ers did beat them at the Superdome last week and the Bengals have the talent to surprise in any given week. It was only 4-5 weeks ago people were suddenly calling Cincy a Super Bowl contender, too, so they should enter this favorable line with some fight in them. Taking the Bengals straight up is a bit bold with this one on the road, but they can beat this spread.

Buccaneers over Redskins (-7.5)

Tampa Bay is pretty bad, but so are the Redskins. Robert Griffin III hasn’t been a winning quarterback in over a year and he’s still trying to get his mind right in just his second game back from a dislocated anle. The Bucs are a easy enough matchup, but Washington isn’t an imposing threat on either side of the ball, either. Tampa Bay is worth a shot with a beatable spread, while they’re worth taking straight up, as well.

Eagles over Packers (-5.5)

Green Bay is undefeated at Lambeau this year and has absolutely destroyed just about anyone that dares walk onto their home field, but this week’s game could be different. The 7-2 Eagles are a very sound team and even with Mark Sanchez under center, can probably make a run at the Packers offensively. The key might be Philly’s defense, though, which has grown adept at creating turnovers and randomly stifling opponents. The Packers might be the better straight up pick, but a potentially high-scoring affair could have the Eagles beating this spread.

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