Upsets happen in the NFL every week. We’re just here to point those who enjoy NFL betting into the right direction. Of course, for every one upset you hit one, the other three will fail, but that’s the thrill of taking in all the info and making that play.

This week we have four more stellar upsets that might be worth chasing. Let’s break them down in our week eight NFL Picks:

Upset to Chase: Rams over Chiefs (Rams Underdog with -7 spread)

It’s never easy to go into Arrowhead and get the win, but nothing has been normal with this Rams team in 2014. In fact, they just had a pretty improbably win over the defending champion Seahawks last week and in otherwise unlikely fashion, as well. It won’t be easy or even all that logical, but we can safely say Austin Davis and co. have done more surprising things. The Chiefs are on upset alert.

Raiders over Browns (Raiders, -7)

Oakland doesn’t look very good (0-6 right now) but they surely are hungry for that first win of the year and it’s not like the Browns are an elite team by any means. In fact, Brian Hoyer is fresh off of an abysmal week seven performance and if he plays half as bad as he did last week, Oakland definitely will be in this one.

Bears over Patriots (Bears, -6)

Chicago is an interesting upset pick, as they have a tough test on the road in Foxboro, but they absolutely have the talent to go toe to toe with the Patriot. At 3-4, the Bears might be kissing the playoffs goodbye if they can’t win this week, so it’s safe to say they’ll be pressing hard to get the win. Besides, they really are only succeeding on the road these days, anyways (3-1 on the year away from home).

Jaguars over Dolphins (Jaguars, -6)

Jacksonville only got their first win of the season last week, but suddenly they could be potentially looking at a winning streak. It’s not like Miami is a scrub team, but the Jags are at home and their defense has actually looked decent lately. Miami also is the type of team that disappoints you and so far have looked like a rather inconsistent bunch in 2014. A Jaguars win this week wouldn’t be overly shocking.

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