There are currently Las Vegas casinos that have themes for other countries, such as the Venetian and the Paris Las Vegas; now one with a British theme is set to hit town, called Ye Olde England Casino. Of course it’s not so much contemporary Britain that will be the feel of the new establishment but the traditional vision of the country that is prevalent in the US.

What Will It Look Like?

It’s very early days for the new scheme so the entire picture hasn’t yet been disclosed but there are a few things known about what the style of the new casino will consist of. It is intended to have cocktail waitresses wearing police helmets, gigantic versions of black cabs covering refreshment booths, and authentic red phone boxes where visitors of the resort will be able to buy pastries and coffees to eat.

All of this is expected to come at a price of £500 million, a huge cost but worth it for what is predicted to be an extremely popular venue. The Las Vegas community expects that Ye Olde England Casino will be especially welcomed by the British visitors to the city who number approximately 450,000 each year.  It’s not clear whether that will be the case as the theme seems as though it will be quaint rather than very accurate; but it’s meant to be a fun representation so it should fit right into the huge adult’s playground that is Las Vegas.

It’s Long Overdue but it’s About to Arrive

The consensus in Las Vegas seems to be that a British themed venue is long overdue. There is a fascination in the US with the supposedly polite British society and the Royal Family; it seems appropriate that Las Vegas should pay homage to this fascination.

One of the latest in a continuing line of casinos that constantly spring up on the Las Vegas skyline, work on the construction of Ye Olde England Casino looks set to start late in 2014. The traditional British architectural style will bring an amazing new sight to see among the galleons of Treasure Island, the magnificent fountains of the Bellagio, and the impressive NYC styling of New York, New York.  It will be great to see another country represented in the Nevada gambling center, and it will be interesting to see what the British visitors actually think of it.

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