One thing that has been certain about this year’s World Series of Poker is that there is a steady stream of new winners that have achieved their first bracelet wins. Of course there has been the likes of Vanessa Selbst among others who have gone on to add to their bracelet collections but in the main part the majority of the winners have been fresh blood.

This was the same for this event as Ted Gillis did what he had always dreamed of and earned himself the title, the WSOP bracelet and a winner’s payout of $514,027 in the process. Not bad for somebody that is relatively unknown on the scene we are sure that you will agree.

The No Limit Hold’em event has been playing for three days straight and originally had 2,086 players that signed up. Across those three days the field was expectedly reduced and on Day 3 there were just 12 left.

Gillis began Day 3 in a healthy third position with regards to chip counts but made sure that he made the most of the experience to give him the best opportunity at success. He made it to heads up with a 2-1 chip advantage against opponent John Hennigan and took just another 27 hands to eliminate him.

What is great about this particular victory is that Gillis is a relatively new player on the scene. Before this win his career earnings from poker tournaments were a little bit ore than $10k. So not only has he got himself a bracelet but also a huge sum of money that will really give a good kick start his poker career.

We are not sure what his plans are regarding that money but we do know that he is bound to be contemplating entering some more events. Who wouldn’t after winning a cool half a million dollars? Well done Ted and we hope that this is not the highlight of your career and just the start of it.

The Winners

1st Place) Ted Gillis — $514,027

2nd Place) John Hennigan — $319,993

3rd Place) Dejan Divkovic — $222,429

4th Place) Jacobo Fernandez — $160,193

5th Place) Mustapha Kanit — $117,079

6th Place) Jaime Kaplan — $86,609

7th Place) Hiren Patel — $64,911

8th Place) Edison Shields — $49,267

9th Place) Dylan Thomassie — $37,834

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