What Shannon Briggs is doing to World Heavyweight boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko makes a good storyline for the WWE.

Mamma Mia Meal

A week after interrupting Klistschko’s training camp and almost causing an impromptu fight in the gym, Shannon Briggs is at it again. On Friday, the #14th WBA ranked heavyweight showed up at the “Mamma Mia” restaurant in Hollywood, Florida where the IBF/IBO/WBA and WBO heavyweight champion was having a meal.

Briggs sat across Wladimir, grabbed his food and started to eat from it. Briggs was then talking to Klitschko while he was eating the food. An irked Wladimir then poured a glass of water on Brigg’s head, causing Briggs to react by knocking the glass off Klitschko’s hand and shattering it on the floor. As the commotion started, Briggs slipped to the floor after he had also knocked the food completely off the table.It was at that point when a man separated the two and escorted Shannon Briggs outside the restaurant.

Later on, it was revealed that Briggs suffered a hand and foot cut presumably from the shattered glass. He was taken to a local hospital for wound stitches.

Fourth Time’s the Charm?                                                  

This is the fourth time this year and the second time in two weeks that Briggs has surprised Klitchsko by showing up unexpectedly and causing a commotion. Last week, Briggs barged into the Klitschko camp in South Florida in complete boxing attire asking for a fight. Last April, Briggs also created a scene when he interrupted a  press conference for Klitschko’s fight against Alex Lepai. A couple of weeks before that incident, Briggs showed up at Wladimir’s gym and threw a shoe at the champ.

It’s been these disturbing incidents that have highlighted the Wladimir Klitschko-Shannon Briggs story. And it’s not that they are scheduled to fight each other. Klitschko is slated to face mandatory challenger Kubrat Pulev on September 6 while the 42 year old Briggs has nothing in his schedule yet. But Briggs has been insisting to fight Klitschko to the point that he wants to do it anywhere. But Wladimir isn’t biting Shannon’s bait, as he remains focused on defending his belts on September 6.

Fighting Briggs

While Shannon Briggs is a former two time World Heavyweight champion, he hasn’t been fighting quality opponents as of late. After losing to Wladimir’s twin brother Vitali in 2010 for the WBC belt, Briggs has fought a list of unknowns to continue his boxing career. But he is hoping that his antics off the ring will get the ire of Wladimir who has an option for a non-mandatory challenger.

Unless Wladimir grants him that, Briggs needs start fighting top caliber heavyweights to barge into the Top 5 and become the mandatory challenger. At 42, his time is running up and that may be the reason why he’s doing everything and anything to get a shot at Wladimir Klitschko.

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