After fighting in so many fights, Sergio Martinez is used to waiting to hear the judges’ decision. But there is one decision that he is most anxious about, and it’s not about boxing.

Trip to the doctor

The former long-time world middleweight boxing champion was in New York last week for a scheduled trip to Dr. Answorth Allen, the New York Knicks’ orthopedic surgeon. Martinez had his surgically repaired right knee examined by the famed orthopedist as he wanted to get an expert opinion of whether his knee would hold up if he continued with his boxing career.

Lingering knee problems

Martinez had problems with the knee during his June defeat to Miguel Cotto where he looked like he did not have good balance and mobility. The knee has been a problem for the Argentine since he injured it when he got knocked down in the 12th round of his bout against Julio Cesar Chavez in 2012. Martinez had surgery on the knee but hurt it again in next fight against Martin Murray in 2013. Again, Martinez underwent surgery to repair the same knee.

Martinez got knocked down four times by Cotto during their bout and although he did not hurt his knee, it appeared that it disrupted his fight and caused him to lose his belts to Cotto.

The long wait begins

According to promoter Lou DiBella, Martinez had tests done on his knee while in Dr. Allen’s clinic. He did basic tests, had MRI and did some exercises to check his mobility. DiBella refused to say what the initial findings were but said that it would take at least a “couple of days to a week” to get the full results as Dr. Allen wants to review his medical history and view tapes of his previous fights before making a recommendation. DiBella promised to announce the result once they get it.

Martinez (51-3-3 with 28 knockouts) has said that he wanted to continue his boxing career because he felt he still has something left in the tank at age 39. However, he said that he would have to ensure that his knee would be fit for boxing before he puts on the gloves once again. Maravilla said that he “wants to live a normal life and have a normal leg like a normal person”  because although his knee is repaired, he still feels some pain in his right leg. He has vowed not to fight again if Dr. Allen tells him that his knee isn’t  100%.

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