It all started out with the all too familiar Donald Cerrone tweet. Now the fight everybody’s wanting to see is said to be close to fruition.

I know A Guy

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone is the UFC’s busiest fighter, having fought at least four times each year since 2013. As such, Cerrone is no stranger to calling out people in the spur of the moment. Like when the news of Georges St. Pierre’s rumored comeback was first heard, Cerrone quickly tweeted “I know a guy”, in obvious reference. Then when Tony Fergusson got hurt for his UFC on Fox bout with Khabib Nurmagomedov last April, Cerrone once again offered his services to face Khabib by saying again “I know a guy.”

Most recently, when Conor McGregor was pulled out from UFC 200, Cowboy once again threw his hat in the arena, offering to face Nate Diaz. Cerrone has been known to save events from being cancelled but during those three instances, he didn’t get the call. Undeterred, Cerrone once again came up with another offer:

This time though, Cerrone may get his wish. As reported by ESPN, the UFC is close to booking a fight between Cerrone and former UFC Welterweight champion “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler, who is dying to return to the octagon after being dethroned by Tyron Woodley at UFC 201 last July:

Return of The Ruthless Reign

Robbie Lawler was on a ruthless reign as UFC Welterweight champion when he got knocked out in the first round by Tyron Woodley at UFC 201. With the UFC targeting Woodley versus #1 contender Stephen Thompson, Lawler has decided to go for a quick turnaround fight to remain relevant in the title picture. But with nobody seemingly eager to face one of the most brutal and hardest hitting punchers in the sport, Lawler is still left without a next bout. When Cowboy heard of that however, he immediately sent feelers about wanting to take on Ruthless.

At 34, Lawler doesn’t have the luxury of time to wait if he is to return to the ruthless reign. He knows that there are plenty of worthy challengers in the mix, waiting for their chance to fight for that 170-pound title. With that in mind, Lawler is asking for a slot in the UFC’s debut in New York this November.

Cerrone meanwhile, just broke into the Top 10 of the UFC welterweight division with a dominant win over Rick Story at UFC 202. That victory was his third straight since moving up to welterweight. Cerrone has won all three fights by stoppage and a win over a highly ranked welterweight like Lawler could easily merit a title shot.

Expecting A Barnburner

A Lawler vs. Cerrone matchup should be a blockbuster MMA fight, considering both fighters possess some of the UFC’s best offensive games. Lawler is known as an explosive brawler while Cerrone owns some of the best striking combinations in the game. With both men eager to take on challenger, fans are expecting a barn burner if this one is officially booked.

There are no fights yet booked for UFC 205 which takes place at the legendary Madison Square Garden in New  York on November 12th. The event will mark the first time the UFC holds an event in the state of New York since UFC 7 in Buffalo. Virtually every fighter in the UFC roster has begged for a slot at the historic event. However, only a few will be privileged to fight there. Robbie Lawler and Donald Cerrone are likely going to be two of them.

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