Saturday was a wild night for NBA action, which is something we feel like we’re saying quite often. But hey, pro basketball is back and we’re excited about it, so even a dull three-game slate featuring the Jazz, Knicks and/or Grizzlies would have us staying up late.

That should be the case again on Sunday, although NBA action picks up right before the first slate of NFL games expire. It’s an all day event for basketball, with five game stretching from 3:30 pm ET to 9 at night. Let’s take a look at each game and see who you should be betting on tonight:

Pacers @ Cavs

Indiana lacks the size down low or consistency outside to take down the Cavs in Cleveland. The Cavs are oddly touch and go right now but they still haven’t lost since their opener. Riding a five-game winning streak, they’re not about to lose at home to the Pacers. Paul George vs. LeBron James will still be the highlight of the day.

Pick: Cavs 104, Pacers 97

Lakers @ Knicks

Such a historic matchup, yet really none of the intrigue. The Lakers just got their first win of the year and this could be The Black Mamba’s visit to MSG, but I’m feeling none of the nostalgia. The reality is L.A. stinks, New York is at home and they’re the ascending team of the two. Knicks should win, but I expect a bit of a shootout due to very little defense on either side.

Pick: Knicks 109, Lakers 105

Raptors @ Heat

Toronto showed in a loss to the Magic that they might have some issues on the road, but that was their first loss. It’s tough to go against them right now, as they’re the hotter team. There’s also little evidence that the Heat are better, as we’re still seeing the same inconsistency that plagued them last season.

Pick: Raptors 102, Heat 99

Suns @ Thunder

Phoenix has been decent in the early going of the 2015-16 NBA season, but OKC isn’t about to lose for the fourth time in a row. They’ve been losing to good teams and they’re definitely better than the Suns – plus they’re at home. The streak ends tonight.

Pick: Thunder 111, Suns 107

Pistons @ Blazers

It’s the battle of the pretenders, as these are two decent teams that no one has a clue about yet. Portland just beat the Grizzlies and is on top of their division at a solid 2-2, while the only team they’ve lost to is the Suns (twice), oddly. Detroit has some seriously big wins under it’s belt, too, while they’re a promising 4-1. Portland lacks size going up against Andre Drummond, but it’s not as wide of a gap as you’d think and Damian Lillard seems rather unstoppable at the moment. If it weren’t in Portland, my logic may be different but right now I’m feeling the Blazers.

Pick: Blazers 105, Pistons 102

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