The Indiana Pacers are exactly where they thought they’d be. After earning the top seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs, they aimed for a return to the Eastern Conference Finals and thought now would be their time to get past the Miami Heat.

Unfortunately, some things never change. Indiana has accomplished most of it’s goals and has toughed out two series to get back to where they were a year ago. They just might not be able to escape the same fate they experienced last season, when they lost to the Miami Heat at the same stage.

This time it just might go quicker.

The Pacers have their backs firmly planted against the walls heading into game six, as the Heat carry a commanding 3-1 series lead heading back into Indiana.

Indiana has talked a lot about the reffing, saying the Heat had been getting “home cooking”, and there has also been a lot of talk involving Lance Stephenson trying to get inside LeBron James’ head.

So far, it’s all been talk. The Pacers won game one and looked like they might be up to the task of dethroning the mighty Heat. Instead, they’ve dropped three straight games and are looking at a possible fourth on Wednesday night.

It’s entirely possible the Pacers execute better and cure what ails them on their home floor. After all, that’s what home court advantage is for – to aid the better seed when they’re struggling.

It just doesn’t seem likely anymore. The Heat have been the better team the past three games and can taste their fourth straight trip to the NBA Finals. Ultimately, they’re going to bite in and savor it and tonight will probably be the night.

Pick: Heat 99, Pacers 95

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