The Tim Tebow rumors won’t stop. No, not the chatter of him striving to live out his dream as an NFL quarterback – he seems to have given up all hope for that.

Tebow to MLB?

It’s the Tim Tebow MLB talk that is heating up again, as recent reports suggest he’s giving it a full go via a tryout in front of over 20 MLB teams later this month.

Some Major League Baseball teams have opted to bypass Tebow’s workout, but the other teams will get an up close and personal look and what he can bring to the table on August 30th.

More Than a Circus?

It’s unclear what will happen from there. Tebow has displayed an unwillingness to truly earn his way into a competitive situation in the NFL, as he’s thus far denied offers from CFL and Arena League teams. That unwillingness to start from the bottom has apparently stretched to baseball, as Tebow doesn’t appear too excited about the prospect of working his way up from the minors.

That’s probably his only realistic bet, but given his past experience and the success of other two-sport athlete’s, it’s still not completely impossible someone flat out signs him and brings him to the majors. In fact, he’s even drawn praise from legendary MLB player Gary Sheffield and the Toronto Blue Jays GM also spoke highly of his swing:

Tim Tebow MLB Odds

The thing with Tebow is that he is absolutely half circus here, but there might actually be a chance this works out. No one is understating the difficulty of playing professional baseball – let alone first starting at age 29 – over 11 years since the guy last played the sport competitively.

That being said, Tebow has always been a bit of a freak athlete and no one would confuse him with a small, weak, non-athletic person. He’s quite big, has exceptional strength and by all accounts can really mash the heck out of the ball.

None of that means Tebow lands an MLB contract anytime soon (or ever), but given his power, determination, work ethic and past success at the sport, we’ll give him 50-1 odds to get signed and play in the minors. Assuming he accepts a small opportunity (for him) like that, we then would give Tebow 250-1 odds to actually ever play Major League Baseball. That might even be generous. However, this is Tim Tebow we’re talking about, and nothing is impossible.

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