The Nevada State Athletic Commission has warned former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen of possible legal action should the former UFC contended push thru with his appearance on Saturday’s Metamoris 4 grappling competition in Los Angeles.

Written Warning

According to Commissioner Francisco Aguilar, Sonnen was informed via a written letter of the actions which the NSAC will take if he continues to take part in the said grappling competition which is scheduled for August 9. According to the letter, the NSAC “views Sonnen’s participation in Metamoris 4 as a breach of the commission’s order” and that they will subject Sonnen to “further proceedings.”

Last month, the NSAC suspended Sonnen for two years after failing two drug tests earlier this year. During the hearing, Sonnen accepted full responsibility of his actions and agreed not to fight in any jurisdiction during the length of the suspension. However, Las Vegas lawyer Ross Goodman wrote to the NSAC earlier this month claiming that the suspension should not apply to grappling competitions which are not under the jurisdiction of the state athletic commissions.

But the NSAC stood firm on its decision to warn Sonnen and said that they would not “alter their stand on the matter.” Commissioner Aguilar says that their letter “speaks for itself.” He refused further comment, citing the potential for future litigation.

What is Metamoris?

Metamoris is a grappling-centric event where combatants take to themselves to the mat in a submission-only competition. Its 4th installment, called Metamoris 4 was advertised to headline Sonnen and another UFC star Josh Barnett. Barnett is set to fight former MMA fighter Dean Lister while Sonnen is slated to face two time jiu-jitsu world champion Andre Galvao.

Metamoris has generated the interest of some UFC stars. Sonnen and Barnett aren’t the first UFC fighters who have previously participated in Metamoris. Roger Gracie, Brendan Schaub and Shinya Aoki are among popular MMA artists and UFC fighters who have tried their luck in the grappling event. Only Gracie was able to salvage a draw, while the rest of the MMA fighters lost in their appearance at Metamoris.

Retirement from MMA

Chael Sonnen was set to fight in UFC 175 but was removed from the event after testing positive for a total of five banned substances in two separate drug tests. The former three time challenger retired from MMA shortly after the second failed drug test and was the subject of the NSAC’s hearings last month prior to his current suspension. He later signed up to participate in Metamoris 4.

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