Event 14 at the World Series of Poker recently finished up and it revealed yet another player to scoop their first ever World Series of Poker bracelet in Nick Kost. The $1,500 Omaha Hi/Lo event brought in 1,032 players all looking to add that priceless piece of jewelry known as a World Series of Poker bracelet.

Each player knew that just to make it out of Day 1 is an achievement with such a large field and the majority of them were unable to do so. They would have had to start thinking about their next choice of event whilst the rest battled it out for the title.

By the time Day 3 of the event had come around though, there were just the remaining ten players left fighting it out. There were some big names still left too such as Alex Luneau, Konstantin Puchkov and former WSOP Main Event winner Greg Raymer.

Nick Kost had the beating of them all though before finally seeing off Kai Raichura during a tense heads up challenge to become the latest bracelet winner.                His winning hand was a flush which brought congratulations from his opponent and the many supporters on the rails.

It was a great achievement and one that we are sure he hopes to emulate in the near future. He has plenty of opportunities to do just that at the WSOP this year as there is still a good months worth of events to get through. Whilst winning a single WSOP bracelet is tough enough, winning two or more in a championship is extremely difficult though it has been done on occasions throughout the years.

Finally we would like to offer our congratulations to Nick Kost and of course wish him well for the remaining events he plans to take part in at the World Series of Poker. Below we have listed the other players that will be more than satisfied with their payouts in the event despite coming short in their hunt for a bracelet this time around.

The Winners

1st Place) Nick Kost — $283,275

2nd Place) Kal Raichura — $175,300

3rd Place) Jim Bucci — $109,678

4th Place) Calen McNeil — $79,608

5th Place) Alex Luneau — $58,769

6th Place) Steve Chanthabouasy — $44,055

7th Place) Greg Raymer — $33,510

8th Place) Adam Coats — $25,832

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