It was earlier on in June that YouTube took the decision to close down a selection of video blogs (vlogs) without any explanation as to why and without notifying the channels’ owners. Yet, the popular video streaming site finally chose to reverse its decision on this, unbanning them.

The channels that were targeted featured many hours of gamers filming themselves while playing games for cash, sometimes within land-based casinos and others accessing gambling games online. To begin with, YouTube stated that such videos violated certain community guidelines – rules that vloggers must always abide by.

At the time of the suspensions, YouTube sent emails out to the channel owners, stating that the channels had been shut down because of what it called “repeated or severe violations”. However, for the most part, these channels hadn’t been contacted prior to this time regarding any wrongdoing. In addition, there wasn’t any chance for the owners to respond to such blocks. YouTube isn’t specifically known for replaying to users’ violation inquiries.

Was YouTube Correct in its Methods?

The emails that users of the channels received stated that YouTube isn’t a site that allows content encouraging or promoting violent or dangerous acts. The email then went on to cite drug abuse, underage drinking, bomb making and smoking as acts that it doesn’t tolerate in videos.

Yet, YouTube never made reference towards gambling videos being prohibited content on its site. This is true for both the emails that were sent out and on its own website, where policies haven’t been expanded upon to include anything relating to gambling. Needless to say, many of the channel users were left in a bit of disarray when trying to figure out what it all meant.


This is not the first time that YouTube has taken such drastic measures without an explanation for it. Back in January, the site’s monetization policies were altered, which made it harder for anyone creating content to earn money on their videos through advertisements. The new rules meant that vloggers had to meet a certain number of viewers to be able to keep their ads.

There was a lot of backlash against such a move and ads were finally reinstated following an outcry from the public. In a similar way, the gambling channels have now been reinstated to the site.

Such moves have led some creators to take the decision to leave YouTube. One channel owner said that he is now looking to provide all of his content through Facebook instead. Brian Christopher, who provides content via his BrianChristopherSlots channel, has said that because of YouTube taking such actions, his business relationships have been jeopardized.

The YouTube crackdown saw accounts like Christopher’s being completely removed from the internet, with the users also being banned from being able to access or create additional content for the site.

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