Just one day after the Brooklyn Nets lost their second round playoff series to the Miami Heat, things are about to blow up. There was already speculation that numerous free agents such as Paul Pierce and Shaun Livingston could depart, while the aging and increasingly ineffective Kevin Garnett could also retire.

But trade star point guard Deron Williams? Few really thought that was in the cards.

According to reports, the trade rumors are very true, as the Nets aim to “retool” their roster with the intent on building around shooting guard Joe Johnson and center Brook Lopez. Johnson showed up big in sports during the playoffs, while a healthy Lopez, who missed most of the 2013-14 season with a foot injury, could help the Nets ascend in the Eastern Conference.

The Nets apparently don’t view “D-Will” as part of that rise, as his inability to stay healthy or play at an elite level consistently has turned the Nets’ front office off to his long-term appeal. Add in the solid play of backup point guard Shaun Livingston, and the Nets may feel they can produce at the same level without Williams as they could by re-signing Livingston on the cheap.

Trading Williams could be a notion that is easier said than done, however. Not only is Williams owed an astronomical $63 million on his ridiculous contract, but he also is a huge injury risk. Not only does he have chronic ankle issues, but he also admitted he may even need further surgery on them in the offseason.

While it’s going to be insanely difficult to find a suitor to trade for Williams, there are actually several teams that could hypothetically be interested in bringing him on. After all, if Williams is healthy and can regain his form of only a couple of seasons ago, he could potentially help a playoff contender take things to the next level.

Potentially interested teams could include the New York Knicks, Dallas Mavericks and others.

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