The 2015 NBA playoffs rage on today, as four more games hit the schedule, offering the opportunity for three more series to come to a close. The Rockets, Cavaliers and Wizards can all move on to the second round with a win tonight, while the game of the night tips off at 3:30 pm ET when the Los Angeles Clippers try to tie their series with the San Antonio Spurs, two games a piece.

We made it through last night’s schedule with a 2-1 mark, with an unlikely Bucks win preventing the Bulls from getting a clean 4-0 sweep. We still walk into Sunday’s action with a stout 22-3 playoff record, so join us as we break down all of today’s action:

Los Angeles Clippers (3) @ San Antonio Spurs (6)

We were late to get this out (if it’s any consolation, we were taking the Cavs to sweep the Celtics), so you’ll have to do with three games tonight. The toughest game by far to call is this Clips/Spurs clash, simply because L.A. looked so good in the first two games. We’re siding with the Spurs ultimately, however, because they don’t lose at home often and that game three performance was insane on every level. I’m sure the Clippers were show up and play a lot better in a huge game four, but something tells me it won’t be enough for a team that keeps shooting itself in the foot.

Pick: Spurs 108, Clippers 105

Toronto Raptors (4) @ Washington Wizards (5)

If Toronto was going to win this series, they would have take a home game or found a way to win game three. They did neither, and are in an unfortunate situation as they face elimination tonight. They’re good enough to stave off elimination and force a game five, but Kyle Lowry has been banged up this entire series and I can sense some quit in the Raptors. They’re on the road and against the ropes, so look for them to buckle as the Wiz finish a really impressive sweep.

Pick: Wiz 101, Raps 97

Houston Rockets (2) @ Dallas Mavericks (7)

Dallas wasn’t great in the first two games but at home in game three, they looked like a real threat to the Rockets. Down 3-0, that threat is pretty much gone and this game four is all about pride. Dirk Nowitzki and Monta Ellis might show up but the absence of both Chandler Parsons and Rajon Rondo could be telling. Nowitzki and Ellis both not being amazing again like they were in game two would easily give way to a crushing blowout. One way or another, the better team wins tonight and sends Dallas out of the playoffs via a 4-0 sweep.

Pick: Rockets 106, Mavs 102

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