The 2014-15 NBA season is very much coming down to the final seconds. The Western Conference’s 8th playoff spot won’t be decided until Wednesday, when the regular season concludes, while playoff seeding is still very much up in the air in general, as well. We made our way through the chaos on Monday with an 8-4 record, and that was despite getting burned by the Pistons (the Cavs actually played their starters), the Hawks falling (at home, no less) to the freaking Knicks and the Nets blowing a crucial home game against the Bulls.

It was still a solid night, overall, and we head into a quiet Tuesday (just three games) with a stout 721-360 record on the year. Let’s try to go 3-0 on the night as we preview the NBA contests for 4/14/2015:

Raptors @ Celtics

Boston and Toronto are both locked into the playoffs, while Toronto still can reach 50 wins, as well as beat out the Bulls for the East’s #3 seed. They have to win out and see Chicago lose once to do so, but it’s possible. Boston has clinched and is at home, but we could see them rest some guys now that they can’t move up from their #7 seed. That being said, if they lose they can drop down from a matchup with the Cavs and would have to face the top-seeded Hawks. Neither is ideal, but Boston could still want to fight for tonight’s win. Or maybe they’ll tank to avoid a first round meeting with LeBron James. Regardless, Toronto, who is the better squad anyways, probably has all the edge they need.

Pick: Raptors 107, Celtics 104

Wizards @ Pacers

Indiana’s plight to make the playoffs truly begins at home against the Wizards tonight, as they need to win their next two games to sneak in. If they lose, they’ll be in danger of losing the final playoff spot to either the Brooklyn Nets or Miami Heat. Washington’s seeding is locked in and they may not want to force some of their banged up stars onto the floor in a game the Pacers will be banging heads in order to win. We wouldn’t be shocked to see a slight uptick in minutes for Paul George if this game is tight, either. Indy is by no means a lock, but they’re at home in a pretty huge game. They’re a fairly safe pick tonight.

Pick: Pacers 102, Wiz 97

Clippers @ Suns

Los Angeles has been on a tear lately, as they’ve won six straight and nine of their last 10. Getting Jamal Crawford and Blake Griffin back at 100% has been huge and Chris Paul has been a man possessed. That should remain the same on Tuesday, when the Clips play their last regular season game of the year. A showdown with the Suns (eliminated) wouldn’t normally be a huge deal, but a win locks Los Angeles in as a top-five seed, while a win paired with losses by the Rockets and Spurs on Wednesday could grant them the #2 seed. The #3 seed would also be in play. Needless to say, in the ultra competitive Western Conference, the higher seed they can land, the better. Expect the Clips to be on top of their game tonight as they notch their 56th win of the year.

Pick: Clippers 109, Suns 102

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