We are already two days deep into the 2016-17 NBA season and we’ve learned a lot. For one, the Golden State Warriors aren’t invincible. They already got trounced – at home, mind you – by the San Antonio Spurs. James Harden and Anthony Davis are also going to be in the league MVP discussion, even though they both are 0-1 and aren’t locks to make the playoffs.

That’s just the top of the iceberg. There were a ton of awesome performances across the first 13 NBA games of the year and on Thursday night the story gets a little bit richer with four more contests. Let’s break all four games down and see which way we’ll want to be leaning via NBA betting in tonight’s NBA picks, per Bovada:

Washington Wizards (+3.5) @ Atlanta Hawks (-3.5)

The Wiz and Hawks start us off with the first contest of the night in a nice Eastern Conference rivalry that was very back and forth last year (2-2), but the Hawks dominated two years ago (3-1). What is even more interesting is the changes to these two teams, as the Wiz brought in new head coach Scott Brooks and also have big man Markieff Morris for a full season, while the Hawks handed Dennis Schroder a starting gig and signed center Dwight Howard.

Do the Hawks improve/regress? Are the Wizards a viable playoff threat under Brooks’ guidance? It sure is tough to say, but we’ll probably find out quite a bit tonight.

Atlanta plays host tonight, which alone gives them a mild bump in what could be a pretty tight game. Historically, Atlanta is the deeper team and plays better defense, plus Dwight Howard looks pretty determined this year. Only time will tell if that means anything for him and the Hawks, but I can see him eating Marcin Gortat’s lunch in this one. I don’t think Dennis Schroder can stop John Wall, but with Dwight in the paint, Wall may have to rely on his jumper a bit more. That’s not usually a good thing. I like a close game, but the Hawks should hold serve at home.

Pick: Hawks 99, Wiz 96

Boston Celtics (-1) @ Chicago Bulls (+1)

This is a very interesting game, as we should learn right away if the new-look Bulls are a team to be feared in the ever more competitive Eastern Conference. On the flip side, Boston looked fantastic last night in a win, and though likely tired, they’ll shoot for a fast 2-0 start. Doing so on the road at the United Center isn’t ideal, but they come in with the slightest of edges in what betting sites like Bovada are clearly tossing out as a pick’em contest.

Though tired, Boston looks like the better team going into the new year and they’ve taken the Bulls out lately (2-1 in last three meetings). It’s possible the additions of Rajon Rondo, Dwyane Wade and Robin Lopez jolt Chicago, but this team still suffers from a severe lack of shooting. That could be bad news against a Celtics team that typically plays pretty solid defense.

The simply reality here is the Celtics are favored to finish #2 in the East this year, while no one even knows if Chicago is a playoff team. We need to side on logic here and bank on the Celtics taking care of business while the Bulls try to find themselves in the early going.

Pick: Celtics 102, Bulls 99

Los Angeles Clippers (-2) @ Portland Trail Blazers (+2)

Lob City travels to Rip City for a rematch of a first round playoff series of a year ago. The Clippers were looking like winners in that series until they got ravaged by injuries and you best believe they’re going to want to dish out some payback on the Blazers en route to a 1-0 start. The Warriors are 0-1 inside their division, too, so there’s no time like the present to get a leg up on the supposed best team in pro basketball.

This is simply a matchup that favors Los Angeles in general, as Blake Griffin should feast on Portland’s weak interior defense and Damian Lillard isn’t necessarily as likely to erupt with the disruptive Chris Paul in his grill. That being said, Portland provides potent offense – especially on their home floor.

The Clippers are going to have their work cut out for them, and they’re not usually as in sync on the road, but in their 2016-17 debut, I think they get the job done.

Pick: Clippers 109, Blazers 106

San Antonio Spurs (-8.5) @ Sacramento Kings (+8.5)

The Spurs enter tonight with a cushy spread and it’s tough to imagine them coming up short. They had a day off after demolishing the Warriors at Oracle Arena and the Kings aren’t half the team Golden State is. DeMarcus Cousins and co. can certainly put up points and the Kings did win last night, but this team being any kind of tired on the second game of a back to back set should be bad news.

San Antonio has the coaching, talent, depth and style edge here. The only two things you can use to pull for the Kings are home court advantage and the desire to play up to San Antonio’s level. Kawhi Leonard should thrive against a bad Kings’ defense and also take Rudy Gay out of this one, which leaves just Boogie and not much else for Sacramento. This probably won’t be much of a game after the second half. Look for the Spurs to topple the Kings, cover and get to 2-0.

Pick: Spurs 114, Kings 102

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