The Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks agreed to terms on a trade containing Michael Carter-Williams and Tony Snell on Monday. The two Eastern Conference rivals had been discussing the player swap over the weekend and finalized the trade early on Monday, with Michael Carter-Williams heading to Chicago and Tony Snell landing in Milwaukee.

Bucks Seek Offense

It was a crucial move (albeit an underwhelming one) for the Bucks, who lost a ton of offensive and outside shooting with a severe hamstring injury to starting shooting guard, Khris Middleton. With Middleton on the shelf for months (and possibly the entire season), Milwaukee badly needed some help on the wing. It’s certainly debatable if Snell provides that, as he was an inefficient performer during his time in Chicago.

Snell was never able to overtake a big role with the Bulls, where he averaged just over five points per game during the 2015-16 season, a year in which he shot just 37% from the field. While recent efficiency isn’t coming into Milwaukee with the Snell trade, the Bucks to land a versatile player who does have the ability to hit the outside shot. Even better, Snell can defend at a high level and brings length and versatility to a Bucks team that already has both in spades.

The idea for Milwaukee will be for Snell to take over a sizable role until Middleton can return. Once back, Middleton would star again at the two spot and Snell would slide back into a more ideal bench role.

Chicago Loses Shooting

As for Chicago, this is an odd trade. They give up a versatile wing player who can provide bench scoring and is a very useful defender, and in return get an arguable bust who has always been miscast as a star poing guard and really is more of a weak small forward who has a broken jumper.

MCW definitely has potential still and the Bulls are right to label him a versatile talent, but he adds zero shooting to a team already starving for it. Jimmy Butler remains the only starter in Chicago that can consistently hit jumpers, while Dwyane Wade is a distant second. Snell wasn’t being counted on for a major role, but he’s one less shooter the Bulls can use off the bench.

Instead they’ll turn to Michael Carter-Williams, who offers nothing from long range and has never been an efficient offensive player. He isn’t even a plus defender, as he’s merely gotten by for stretches due to his size, length and athleticism. MCW does provide the Bulls with a backup point guard upgrade over Jerian Grant and Spencer Dinwiddie, but it could be a rough transition from starting unit to the main bench when both of their top point guards struggle to hit wide open jump shots.

NBA Title Odds Don’t Change

Overall, this trade does very little for either team. Losing Snell doesn’t cripple the Bulls, and gaining Michael Carter-Williams doesn’t make them any better on paper. Milwaukee seems to have given away a former tantalizing prospect for almost nothing, too, while Snell offers the mildest of potential in a spot they need a ton of help in.

Bovada is giving the Bulls respectable +4000 odds to chase a title this year, and that has everything to do with big names like Rajon Rondo, Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler.

They’re a hallow team with big names and no shooting, however. It will be an accomplishment for them to simply make the playoffs and compete once in.

Milwaukee losing Middleton is massive for a team that already struggled to put the ball in the hole. Snell doesn’t fix that, nor does he help their weak +10000 NBA Finals odds. Milwaukee certainly has talent and could be a fun team to watch, but they’re not going to be a playoff contender unless/until Middleton gets back in the starting lineup.

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