Chris Bosh revealed recently that he no longer is dealing with any blood clots and that his 2015-16 NBA season isn’t over just yet. While Bosh and the Miami Heat are still taking their time to make sure Bosh doesn’t have another serious clot issue for a third time in the past year, both parties remain hopeful for a return in the not too distant future.

Nearing Return?

Bosh has reportedly been “feeling good” and working with Miami’s coaching staff on the side in hopes for a return. Bosh’s most recent run-in with blood clots, while still to be taken seriously, had nothing to do with last year’s blood clot in his lung. That could be an encouraging sign that Bosh’s leg clot is an isolated incident and now that he’s past it, a return to the court may not be far off. Bosh detailed his current situation and potential return in a recent statement:

If that’s to be the case, NBA bettors may want to start thinking about taking the Heat a little more seriously in the Eastern Conference.

Title Contenders?

It’s been a foregone conclusion for the past year that the Cleveland Cavaliers would return to the 2016 NBA Finals after losing to the Golden State Warriors last summer. No true threat emerged early in the year, but just recently the Heat have looked more like a contender thanks to steady play from the likes of Goran Dragic, Luol Deng and Hassan Whiteside. The addition of veteran swing man Joe Johnson has also gone well, further enhancing Miami’s offense and overall depth.

Naturally, logic suggests and already solid Miami club could make a run at a top-two seed if a healthy Bosh can return to the court in time. Miami is already sitting in a good spot atop the Southeast Division at 37-27. They’re still a considerable ways back behind the Cleveland Cavaliers (#1) and the Toronto Raptors, but add Bosh to the mix for a playoff run, and suddenly Cleveland’s “for sure” return to the Finals doesn’t look so cemented.

That’s not what Vegas is telling us to this point, of course, as the Warriors are the odds on favorite to win again, while the Cavs, as the near-guaranteed representative out of the Eastern Conference, barrels in with +290 odds. Miami is sitting more in dark horse territory (+6600) with the ninth best odds to claim the championship.

Nothing Guaranteed

Does a Chris Bosh return give those title odds a boost? Absolutely. Bosh’s return would mean more scoring, better rebounding and improved defense. It’d shore up a team that is already tightly knit and quite deep, as it’d allow Deng and Johnson to rotate at the three spot, rather than force Deng to play power forward in situations where it’s not conducive. It would also free up Whiteside off the bench and put less pressure on the Heat when he gets in foul trouble. Having another legit star would also ease the pressure on Dwyane Wade, who can still ball at 34 years old.

What Bosh’s potential return doesn’t do is guarantee the Heat will rise up and win the NBA Finals – let alone get there. However, Miami has had a psychological edge over LeBron James ever since he departed South Beach and it’s been well documented that Cleveland has endured many struggles this year.

Needless to say, the return of Bosh certainly gives Miami a chance to unseat the Cavs and make it to the promised land. No one from the Eastern Conference is going to take down the Warriors and we probably can’t write off the Raptors completely, either, but this Bosh news is potentially massive. It also could never come to fruition or Bosh’s return could be of the “too little, too late” variety, but at least on the surface, Miami Heat fans have reason to get excited. And NBA bettors have reason to think a bit outside the box in the Eastern Conference, as well.

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