As the next Floyd Mayweather Jr fight nears, the speculations on his next opponents are fast growing. But as Team Mayweather is looking for new faces to fight, they are not discounting on rematches between two former opponents.

Taking it Back

Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe back tracked on his earlier pronouncement that Team Mayweather “will no longer do business” with Golden Boy Promotions. Taking back his statement, Ellerbe this time said that the “door is open for future business” with GBP. He added that the only person in the GBP stable “worthy” of fighting is Canelo Alvarez.

It can be recalled that Mayweather made an all-time high guarantee of $41.5M in his first fight with Alvarez. The bout also grossed an all-time high of $150M to eclipse the previous record of $136M which was raked in by Mayweather’s 2007 split decision win over Oscar De La Hoya.

As estimated by Forbes, Mayweather stands to earn around $250M for his six fight contract with Showtime which he signed last year. Mayweather has done three of those six fights already with the fourth one due this coming September.

Canning Canelo

Alvarez was highly touted to be the man who can beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. because of his youth, size and power. But it was clear that Mayweather made easy target of Canelo who appeared like he was trapped in a can and could not get away from Floyd’s Money shots.

The young Alvarez was easily outpointed by Mayweather in their bout last year, but he has since rebounded with a 10th round KO of Alfredo Angulo last March. Alvarez is slated to fight Erislandy Lara in July 12. And should Canelo win that bout, he will be considered for Floyd’s 2015 opponents.

Mayweather’s September 13 opponent could very well be among Amir Khan, Danny Garcia and Marcos Maidana. Ellerbe said that won’t be a problem as he only has to “pick up the phone and talk to the same guy”. He was referring to Al Haymon, the power broker who also advises Mayweather.

Maidana Part 2?

Maidana’s name was already in consideration a few hours after his May 3 defeat to Mayweather. The Argentine proved that Mayweather is not untouchable and is beatable. Mayweather has not had a close call as he had with Maidana in a long time. And although Floyd Sr. complained about Maidana and urged his son not to fight him again, public clamor and the business of boxing could lead Team Mayweather to Maidana again this September.

Maidana’s adviser Steve Contursi said earlier this week that should Maidana be chosen to fight Floyd in September, his ward has to come at a lighter weight on fight night, be busier with his jabs and be more accurate with his right hand to beat Floyd Mayweather. He said that they were surprised that there was a lot of complaining from the camp of Mayweather about Maidana’s alleged “dirty tactics” and “roughhousing.” He added that Mayweather is a warrior and should not complain.

Contursi was referring to Mayweather’s statement that the Maidana bout was the “toughest wrestling match” that he’s been a part of. Mayweather was a part-time wrestler with the WWE during his semi-retirement.

Contursi pointed out that Maidana landed more shots on Mayweather than any fighter in Floyd’s last 38 bouts per Compubox. That alone should say how competitive Maidana was against Mayweather. Contursi also said that with some adjustments, Maidana can change that competitiveness into victory against the unbeaten Mayweather.

Keeping that “O”

With Richard Schaeffer’s departure from GBP, things could go interesting in the next few months for the sport of boxing. As for Mayweather, it’s business as usual as they look for the 4th installment of the Floyd Mayweather Jr. farewell tour. And with his team’s pronouncements of their willingness to do a rematch with two foes that Mayweather has clearly defeated in the past, it looks like Floyd really wants to keep that “O” until he retires.

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