Johnny Manziel is in the news again, but this time potentially for the right reasons. Manziel told TMZ recently that he had plans to go
“completely sober” starting July 1st, likely following one last party bash.

Manziel was prompted to reach out to the media when a woman staying at the mansion he was vacationing at posted a photo on Instagram that appeared to show her holding narcotics. Manziel emphatically denied even knowing the woman and suggested the drugs were not his.

Johnny Sober?

Manziel going sober is a long time coming, as he has reportedly had major struggles with partying – more specifically unknown drugs and alcohol. Manziel is still awaiting ruling on his domestic assault case stemming from earlier this year, and could still face fines and up to a year in prison. Manziel has claimed to be innocent throughout the process and reports suggest the two sides may end up agreeing to a plea deal.

Regardless of what happens with Manziel on the football field or in court, going sober is the right move. The big question is if he’ll actually do it and if it will stick. Manziel has habitually made the wrong decisions and surrounded himself with people that appear to be closer to party acquaintences than real friends that have his best interests and future in mind.

It’s also questionable that Manziel now comes out of nowhere to say he’s going sober. Instead of coming off genuine and sincere, it comes off as hasty and more of a reaction to potential drugs being affiliated with him thanks to social media and an unidentified woman. Considering Manziel’s past, it’s easy for the media and fans to find it difficult to believe him, both in his defense of the recent drug photo and his statement about getting clean.

NFL Future

Manziel going sober and getting mentally and emotionally sober would be fantastic, as no one wants to see another human being struggle with pain and addiction. Thinking about his NFL career should be far off in the horizon, however.

Manziel would have to be completely naive to think he can party all offseason and have numerous run-ins with the law and then decide on a whim to go sober and try to win an NFL quarterback job. NFL teams will take on baggage and risk for high level talent, but there were even already question marks surrounding Manziel’s ability to perform in the league.

Manziel 2016 Prediction

Short, erratic and a problem child away from the field, Manziel does not jump off the page as an exciting reclamation project.

The good news is Manziel does have some talent, is just 23 years old and it’s possible he could finally be ready to put his wild days behind him. If so, some NFL team should take a shot at him as a bench project at some point down the road. It will take time for that trust to rebuild, however, so don’t expect to see Manziel grace a pro football field anytime in 2016.

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